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Influencer marketing in the B2B realm

In the news: A recent study showed that 31% of B2C marketers reported that they are experimenting with influencer marketing and 48% are running ongoing programs. Contrast this with B2B marketers — 49% were still experimenting and only 11% were running ongoing programs. While B2C influencers may be more numerous, credible outside experts with […]

Scoring models: How to better predict buyer behavior

Making an impact in the marketplace takes critical thought in the early stages of planning and strategizing. While using your data to improve upon your past performance is one of the most important steps in the process, it’s also imperative to be able to anticipate how leads and prospects will react to your marketing efforts. […]

Analyzing and improving your campaign data

Data is no longer an optional add-on for your campaigns — it’s a given. To demonstrate your ROI as a marketer, you should be able to track your results and predict buyer behavior on a given campaign, which should include KPIs, measurements and metrics in your strategy. Referring to these metrics will help to determine […]

Assess and improve: Using your past performance data

With the advent of ever-improving technologies and marketing tools, today’s marketers must find a way to stand out more than before to prove their worth. Doing so has become a challenge for some, but those ahead of the curve realize the importance of marketing predictability in increasing their ROI. In the sections below, we’ve outlined […]

Vitaly rules Google

In the news: A Russian spammer known as Vitaly is using referral traffic to promote himself. If your Google Analytics account data is targeted by this spammer you will notice an unusual amount of referral traffic coming from Twitter and a page title called “Vitaly rules google.” This type of ghost traffic can taint […]

lead generation assessment

How can a lead generation assessment help you?

If your lead generation process isn’t producing the results you need to meet your goals, you’re not alone. We’ve worked with many marketers who have encountered challenges in this area. Taking time to assess your lead generation with a marketing expert and to take steps to improve it can make all the difference. The most […]


Movéo case study: Sparton Corporation

Many of our clients are looking to drive business growth through lead generation. When electronic manufacturing leader Sparton Corporation came to us looking to improve lead volume and conversion rates, we used the following tactics to transform their results. These steps can also be adapted and applied to your own organization. Let’s take a closer […]

lead generation

The do’s and don’ts of lead generation

Over the past few weeks, we have taken a deep dive into the top lead generation tactics and provided tips on maximizing your campaign. As you may have realized by now, there are a host of practices — both good and bad — that are widely used by marketers. Today, we will help you discern […]

Why your marketing must nurture leads

As many marketers know, it’s almost impossible for just one marketing tactic to result in a sale. Nurture marketing has become critical to having informed, personal conversations once an interested prospect has passed to the sales team. Marketo defines nurture marketing as the “process of developing relationships with buyers at every stage of the sales […]