How can a lead generation assessment help you?

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If your lead generation process isn’t producing the results you need to meet your goals, you’re not alone. We’ve worked with many marketers who have encountered challenges in this area.

Taking time to assess your lead generation with a marketing expert and to take steps to improve it can make all the difference. The most common lead generation challenges often have to do with a lack of clarity.

Do you find yourself with the following lead generation problems? Our lead generation assessment may be able to help you.

Problem: Not targeting the right audience

If you’re not targeting the right audience, you won’t be able to generate leads — or those you do generate will not be qualified for contact by sales.

Solution: It sounds like you need to get specific about your ideal customer. Find out who they are, what they do, what they need. Once you really get to know the people you’re trying to reach, tap into the right channels to reach them — the ones where they are most receptive to hearing your message and taking action.

Problem: Not having a clear strategy and sales funnel

Without marketing and sales plans, you won’t know where you’re going or whether you’re making progress.

Solution: Set up your strategy and map out your sales funnel. Start with the end in mind: What is your ultimate goal? Then work through the consumer journey: What do you want people to do in each step of the sales process? At each point, think about how you will attract their attention and how you will incite them to take action. Make it easy for them to take each “next step” by providing a clear, captivating call-to-action.

At Movéo, we are strong believers in marketing-sales alignment. If you suspect that this is a weak point in your lead generation, a member of the Movéo team can talk through it with you to get at the heart of the problem.

Problem: Not creating compelling content

If you’re reaching the right people but your content is not relevant or compelling, you won’t engage and convert your audience.

Solution: Get to know your ideal customer’s needs, challenges and interests. Then, provide value with content they can understand, use and share. It takes multiple “touches” before a person will take action, so plan to nurture these relationships over time with consistently valuable content. In assessing the role of your content in lead generation, a Movéo representative will ask about the different content types in your toolkit and how you are using them to grab attention and foster engagement.

Problem: Not tracking or measuring results

If you don’t have analytics and reporting in place, you won’t have the information you need to track and optimize your process.

Solution: The solution to poor measurement is to take time to determine what a qualified lead looks like, based on marketing and sales data to date. Put tracking in place for each step of the process so you can best optimize messaging, channels and more. Establish metrics of success and review results on an ongoing basis.

If you are encountering any of these problems and would benefit from a more personalized solution, we encourage you to reach out for a lead generation assessment.

Our lead generation assessment is free of charge with no risk and no obligation. You’ll start with a 30-minute call with a senior member of our team to assess your current process, identify issues and compare what you’re doing to the strategies and tactics of other companies who are finding lead generation success.

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