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mistakes in 2016 strategy

Three mistakes to avoid in developing your 2016 strategy

Many marketers will begin work on their 2016 plans this month. Are you one of them? As you develop your 2016 marketing strategy, it’s critical to remember that we no longer live in a world of marketing “rules and tools.” Today’s successful marketers are instead guided by the new marketing value chain, which aims to […]

organic reach marketing changes

2015’s top marketing changes part 2: Organic reach on social media

On Wednesday, we covered how Google’s “mobilegeddon” may have affected your organization, and what to do about it. Today, we’re taking a look at another recent marketing change your organization needs to stay on top of — the decrease of organic reach on social media. Organic reach is defined as “the total number of unique […]


2015’s top marketing changes part 1: Mobilegeddon

In our next three posts, we’ll be discussing 2015 marketing changes that affect all brands. Today we’re taking a look at Google’s April SEO restructuring plan (lovingly called mobilegeddon), in which they moved to give priority to mobile-friendly websites in search. This revamp of traditional SEO practices had marketers scrambling to make sure their websites […]

marketing changes

Five marketing changes that backfire

All marketers must continuously make adjustments to improve the reach and impact of their messages. So what separates the successes from the failures? Well, the best marketers know what not to do. They understand which changes to pursue and which ones to avoid. Here are five things you should never do if you want to […]

make marketing changes

How to make marketing changes with minimal risks

Data-driven marketers know the importance of making incremental changes to their campaigns without taking risks that could hurt the overall results or making too many changes at once. Is your marketing strategy set up to collect accurate data about what’s working and provide the insights needed to guide change? Follow these steps to keep your […]

marketing mistakes

Avoid these marketing mistakes in Q4

Your marketing department controls the public face of your brand. Marketing holds much of the power to build a positive reputation for an organization, but it can also cause disaster if that power isn’t wielded thoughtfully. We’ve all heard stories of failed marketing campaigns, and worse, of marketing campaigns that actively offended their intended audience. […]

marketing team

Is your marketing team ready for the future?

Will your marketing team be able to keep your organization competitive in 2016? If you aren’t sure, what are you doing now to prepare? It’s time to conduct a critical assessment of your team. Are there roles you need to fill now in order to continue making an impact? Are there people on your team […]

marketing automation

If content is king, data is queen

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: content rules, but only with the support of data insights. Even as content is serving as the public face of a company’s marketing, data is behind the scenes calling the shots. Is your organization making use of the power of data, or neglecting all it has […]