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brand names

Brand Names – The Root of Good Brand Architecture

Most companies operate something like this: Invent or develop something the market wants Give it a brand name Get it out there and sell it There is so much involved with 1) and 3) that 2) can just seem like a natural and straightforward bridge between the two.  You’ve got a great product, the engineers […]

delivering great customer experience

Three brands that are delivering great customer experience

According to Regalix’s “State of B2B Customer Experience 2014” survey, 81% of executives rank customer experience among the top priorities of their organizations. To help your organization learn from the best, we’re bringing you a few examples of B2B and healthcare brands that are leading the pack when it comes to making their customers happy. […]

creating better customer experiences

Zebra Technologies case study: creating better customer experiences through content

For over 40 years, our client Zebra Technologies has provided innovative products and solutions to businesses around the world, from scannable wristbands that allow hospitals to better track patient data to interactive self-service kiosks for retailers. With so many disparate audiences to reach, Zebra needed to make each customer segment feel well-served by demonstrating an […]

brand advocate

Is your customer experience creating brand advocates?

A brand advocate is more than a loyal customer: they are a customer so loyal, they’ll go out of their way to tell their colleagues and friends about your product or service. Brand advocates are your best sales tool. They reach people your marketing may not, and they speak to their connections with a trusted […]

buying cycle

Three places you’re losing leads (and what to do about it)

Leads are lost throughout the buying cycle, but if you recognize where and why your audience is drifting away, you can do something about it. By making small changes to improve the customer experience and retain leads, you can substantially improve the speed and rate at which leads progress through your marketing funnel. Today on […]

solicit better customer feedback

How to solicit better customer feedback

What’s the best way to learn about the customer experience? Ask your customers. A strategic approach to soliciting and using customer feedback supplies you with valuable insights into how your marketing is working to improve the customer experience. However, a haphazard approach can reflect badly on your brand. Try these tips to give your organization […]

downloadable content

Three ways to encourage your targets to share their information

Downloadable content assets like white papers and e-books can and should be used to build brand identity, generate demand and contribute to thought leadership. They can be excellent lead generators, but only when used strategically. To keep your content working for your business, make sure you follow these best practices to encourage potential customers to […]

How to get to know your customers via email marketing

Despite predictions a few years ago that it was dying off, email marketing is still alive and well in most industries. But are you exploring all the data you collect from your email campaigns? Email analytics are full of valuable customer insights. Marketers can use these insights to improve the customer experience within email campaigns, […]

delight your customers

How data and analytics can help you delight your customers

Data and analytics are rich sources of knowledge about your customers’ likes, dislikes and needs. Marketing shouldn’t just be about reaching new leads, but also about continuing to engage with current customers and keeping them loyal. What sets savvy marketers apart is their ability to understand the insights in data and how to act on […]