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make marketing changes

How to make marketing changes with minimal risks

Data-driven marketers know the importance of making incremental changes to their campaigns without taking risks that could hurt the overall results or making too many changes at once. Is your marketing strategy set up to collect accurate data about what’s working and provide the insights needed to guide change? Follow these steps to keep your […]

marketing mistakes

Avoid these marketing mistakes in Q4

Your marketing department controls the public face of your brand. Marketing holds much of the power to build a positive reputation for an organization, but it can also cause disaster if that power isn’t wielded thoughtfully. We’ve all heard stories of failed marketing campaigns, and worse, of marketing campaigns that actively offended their intended audience. […]

marketing team

Is your marketing team ready for the future?

Will your marketing team be able to keep your organization competitive in 2016? If you aren’t sure, what are you doing now to prepare? It’s time to conduct a critical assessment of your team. Are there roles you need to fill now in order to continue making an impact? Are there people on your team […]

marketing automation

If content is king, data is queen

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: content rules, but only with the support of data insights. Even as content is serving as the public face of a company’s marketing, data is behind the scenes calling the shots. Is your organization making use of the power of data, or neglecting all it has […]

four marketing predictions

Three marketing predictions for the rest of 2015

Believe it or not, it’s already time to plan strategy and budgets for 2016. But as your marketing team turns its attention to the new year, don’t ignore the last few months of 2015. They may have a meaningful impact on how you should approach your marketing strategy for the year ahead. How will the […]

twenty markerting questions

Twenty marketing questions for Q4 2015

Marketers, welcome to the last quarter of 2015. It’s time to look back at the data from your 2015 campaigns, and it’s also time to ask yourself what needs to change to improve marketing ROI for the rest of this year and as you transition into 2016. To help you, we’re trying something a little […]

align marketing message and delivery moveo

Align marketing message and delivery

Before you can utilize content to compel your target to buy from you, you have to get it in front of them. In order to make sure you’re delivering content to those who need it most, at the right times and in the right manner, you need to develop a content delivery strategy that considers […]

measure these metrics to improve content targeting

Measure these metrics to improve your content targeting

If you are a regular reader of our blog, you know how much we love actionable data and insights here at Movéo. So it should come as no surprise that we believe that measuring and acting on metrics is key to improving content targeting. But which metrics should you watch? Here are three we use […]