Assess and improve: Using your past performance data

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With the advent of ever-improving technologies and marketing tools, today’s marketers must find a way to stand out more than before to prove their worth. Doing so has become a challenge for some, but those ahead of the curve realize the importance of marketing predictability in increasing their ROI. In the sections below, we’ve outlined a few strategies to help you get started integrating marketing predictability.

Knowing where to start can often be troublesome, as a high level of data proficiency is required, and you may feel underprepared. Every prediction you make must be based on data from past campaigns. If you’re using a CRM and a marketing automation tool, you should have historical data about the source of each of your recent leads and the tactics that nurtured them down the sales funnel.

By assessing which tactics generated the greatest quantity of leads, which tactics impacted the conversion of those leads into customers and how much you invested to make each sale, you should be able to gain a relatively clear understanding of the potential impact of the various components of your marketing strategy.

Based on data from past campaigns, develop an estimate of the number and types of leads your current campaigns will bring into the funnel, compare against strategic plans and goals and optimize your marketing mix accordingly.

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