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How to improve SEO in 4 basic steps

By now, you are likely aware of various ways that search engine optimization can improve your online presence. What you may not know is how to improve your existing SEO efforts if you’re not seeing the results you want. The benefits of a strong SEO campaign are difficult to discount, with leads from SEO obtaining […]

What to look for in an account-based marketing partner

If you’re in search of a B2B marketing partner for 2017, you’ve probably come across the term “account-based marketing” (ABM). Account-based marketing is an integrated approach grounded in the efficiency of targeting specific organizations. This strategy has received a lot of praise in the past year, with 92 percent of business-to-business companies recognizing value in […]

Display ads 101: what B2B and healthcare marketers need to know

At this point, we all know that display advertisements are a key feature of digital marketing. But you’ve probably also heard that display ads have limited worth. Maybe you’ve read that people don’t trust display ads, or that half their clicks on mobile are accidental. But while it’s clear that these issues are obstacles for […]

The role of consumer psychology in B2B marketing

Understanding customer motivations and behaviors is key to building a lasting connection with your target market. While this process might start out with general campaigns on a broad scale, the most successful strategies are decidedly narrow and work to get inside an organization’s psyche. Consumer psychology is the study of the motivations and decision strategies […]

The top three mistakes marketers make with PPC ads

Pay-per-click (PPC) is one tactic that many marketers adopt to get in front of their target market, surpass their competitors and, of course, secure that top spot in search. While that sounds great in theory, PPC is often executed incorrectly and has the potential to cost marketers with little return when there’s no strategy in […]

Getting started with PPC: keywords and targeting

You may have read our introduction to keywords and ad formats in September, but this is a topic that deserves to be revisited regularly. If choosing keywords for pay-per-click (PPC) ads was simply a matter of picking out some relevant phrases, PPC success would be easy. The truth is, a strong keyword strategy requires research […]

What healthcare marketers need to know about texting campaigns

If you’re new to the world of marketing texts, your first thoughts may be of the exciting possibilities of having an even more casual, personal way to communicate with your audience. And you’re right. But conducting a successful texting campaign is much more than just shrinking your marketing messages into bite-sized texts. Consider the following […]

How to optimize your landing pages to drive conversions

As a marketer, you are likely aware of the importance of having a SEO strategy to ensure that your brand rises to the top. However, if your landing pages aren’t optimized to ensure that incoming visitors travel further through the marketing funnel, you may very well lose out on the qualified traffic you worked so […]

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