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Three companies who engage their employees and their purpose

As discussed in our whitepaper, “A Higher Purpose Means Higher Profits,” companies that actively engage their employees through a singular purpose are often those that are most successful. The following three companies are able to share their purpose with their employees in a meaningful way. Does your organization do the same? Zappos Zappos founder Tony […]

Why Purpose Creates Value for Customers

When we tell business leaders to focus on their purpose, the common response it “but how will it help us with customers?” Purpose may help a business improve its image and reach new clients, but when it comes to actually influencing a potential customer’s buying decision, how helpful is it? As Movèo notes in their white […]

Three things to learn from The Social Employee Twitter chat

Have you marked your calendar for tomorrow’s #socbizchat with Kevin Randall, Cheryl Burgess and Mark Burgess? Get ready, because we’ll be discussing lessons from Cheryl and Mark’s book, The Social Employee. Want a sneak peek? Here are three things you’ll learn more about in the chat tomorrow: How great companies build great social cultures The […]

Why Employee Voice Matters: A Dive into The Social Employee

In The Social Employee, for which our own Kevin Randall wrote the afterward, Cheryl and Mark Burgess write about employee voice as brand identity. Some companies may be nervous about empowering employees to become the social voice of their brands. In the past, it was relatively easy for brands to control their communications because channels […]

The evolution of business purpose

As we discussed last week, businesses benefit from having a clear purpose and sense of responsibility to the world around them. Today, we will dive deeper into how purpose helps business by looking at the original arguments for purpose in business and how they have evolved. Rosabeth Moss Kanter, professor at Harvard Business School, has […]

What is purpose?

In our upcoming whitepaper, “A Higher Purpose Means Higher Profits,” Vice President of Strategy & Marketing Kevin Randall wrote, “Most companies have visions, missions and values; but having a purpose goes deeper: it establishes a reason for being (beyond economic) and defines individual employee and collective meaning and direction.” Customers, Organizations and the Rest of […]

So You Want to Make a Difference?

This month on the blog, we’ve given you plenty of information on how marketers are making a difference that extends beyond their fields and impacts the greater good. But today, let’s take a step back and focus on how one company or one person can choose to use marketing to promote the greater good. Business […]

Marketers: How Can You Show Your Commitment to the Greater Good?

How can a business demonstrate their commitment to making a difference? These three B2B businesses have made a public commitment to a cause. Each works to show that commitment in a meaningful way, and marketers can learn lessons from each of them. Atlassian Partners With Room to Read According to TechCrunch, Atlassian, an enterprise software […]

Unexpected Impacts from Marketing

This month, we’ve been writing about the impact of strong marketing campaigns. But in addition to the intended impact, B2B marketing campaigns can have unpredictable repercussions. Sometimes, these unintended consequences hit a business right where it matters most: in sales. In a blog post called “Are Your Go-To-Market Strategies Creating Negative Buyer Perceptions,” buyer insight […]

How the New Marketing Value Chain Makes a Bigger Impact

As we talked about last week, the new marketing value chain provides B2B and healthcare companies with more opportunities than ever to affect the world around them. Today, we’re going to go into depth about how a data-centered approach bests the old “rules and tools” value chain not just in terms of business effectivity, but […]