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Communicate your business purpose and make it stick

Now that you have an action plan for implementing your business purpose, it’s time to communicate that purpose to others within your organization. In the focus on external marketing, many businesses forget the importance of strong internal communications. An internal emphasis on your purpose has the power to motivate your employees, inspire great work, and […]

Refine your business purpose

After a business purpose statement is written, how can you ensure that it is actionable and meaningful? As you work to communicate and operationalize your brand’s purpose, you must craft short- and long-term goals to translate your purpose statement into practice. These goals must be specific, measurable, and achievable. Short-Term Goals By setting short-term goals […]

Movéo prepares to move to downtown Chicago

The last few months have been a time of great change at Movéo. Between our work on aligning our operations to increase our focus on data and insights to some of the great thought leadership we’ve been churning out, there’s no doubt that things are moving and shaking at the Movéo office. Now, we’ve got […]

Measuring Your Purpose

We’ve been talking a lot about purpose in marketing for the last few months, and while we’ve made it clear how purpose can help build marketing success, there’s a lingering issue that savvy marketers have probably noticed: how do you measure purpose? Today, we’ll discuss how analytics can be used to measure customer and employee […]

Operationalizing Your Purpose

Having a business purpose doesn’t end with writing a statement of purpose. The next step is putting it into practice. As you begin operationalizing your purpose, keep these factors in mind: You Must Usher Your Purpose From Vision to Practice It’s crucial that your employees understand what your purpose looks like in practice and can […]

Communicating Your Purpose

Once you have a strong sense of your organization’s purpose and have put it into practice, it’s time to start communicating that purpose to your employees, customers and the wider world. There are many different methods for sharing your purpose. For the best results, employ a variety of tactics to make your message heard. Convey […]

How do you create a powerful purpose statement?

As Kevin Randall says in our forthcoming whitepaper, “A Higher Purpose Means Higher Profit,” “[a] company’s leadership should work in an inclusive way across the organization to craft a purpose statement that is credible, authentic and compelling for COR stakeholders.” While many businesses have mission or vision statements, it’s in any company’s interest to have […]

Why businesses should care about creating value for the rest of the world

Purpose-driven companies must operate on the principles of “shared value,” what Michael E. Porter and Mark R. Kramer defined as “creating economic value in a way that also creates value for society by addressing its needs and challenges.” Businesses should integrate external social value into their core offering, and employees should be given incentives to […]

Three companies who engage their employees and their purpose

As discussed in our whitepaper, “A Higher Purpose Means Higher Profits,” companies that actively engage their employees through a singular purpose are often those that are most successful. The following three companies are able to share their purpose with their employees in a meaningful way. Does your organization do the same? Zappos Zappos founder Tony […]

Why Purpose Creates Value for Customers

When we tell business leaders to focus on their purpose, the common response it “but how will it help us with customers?” Purpose may help a business improve its image and reach new clients, but when it comes to actually influencing a potential customer’s buying decision, how helpful is it? As Movèo notes in their white […]