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Five Tips for Smooth Creative Projects

Being a great project manager for a creative agency requires a keen attention to detail, a deep understanding of the project’s flow and the client’s direction, as well as the ability to clearly communicate to both internal and external audiences. These skills help you achieve a completed project that’s on time, on budget, and meets […]

Marketing and AI: sorting the hype from the help

When it comes to artificial intelligence (AI) and marketing – fear of missing out runs rampant. And yet, never has a technology so less understood been catapulted to such a state of dizziness in such a short period (with the possible exception of the metaverse). AI has actually been around for a good while. Believe […]

Thought Leadership: The Good, the Bad, and The Ugly

Done right, thought leadership is the single most differentiating content marketing asset an organization can produce. And while thought leadership does serve brand equity goals (e.g., building credibility, trust and loyalty), its results are far more tangible: A study by Demand Gen Report and Demandbase found 84% of buyers surveyed agreed that a winning vendor’s […]

Business Strategy Should Drive Marcom Planning

The best case scenario for effective marketing and communications is a thoughtful and thorough strategic business plan with key strategic insights and direction to guide marcom plan development. A collaborative approach between strategy and marketing/communications leaders and teams is critical to achieve the best growth and profitability results. Why does business strategy matter? A number […]

Patient Experience. Another COVID-19 Casualty?

For years, healthcare as an industry was the bête noire of what is known in marketing as “customer experience.” People waiting months for appointments. Discharge packets as thick as phone books. Confusing bills with surprise charges. Zero pricing transparency and scarce outcomes data. Intake personnel with the charm of postal workers. Doctors well trained in […]

Movéo makes best agency list

Movéo is proud to have been named to Growth Marketing Pro’s list of Best Design, Branding and Creative Agencies. Growth Marketing Pro is the largest growth marketing blog on the internet, according to its site. Growth Marketing Pro recently conducted a “best of” review of agencies around the country, and 25 made the final cut. […]

Tips for Marketers During COVID-19

Building brand trust has never been more important, and brands should use this time as an opportunity to re-establish trust through customer-centric actions. Listen. Now more than ever, it’s important to know what customers feel and why. Increase voice of the customer (VoC) programs and social listening efforts to better understand customer concerns and needs relevant […]

Marketing Wisely with Email in Today’s Environment

In a down economy, email marketing can be both a B2B marketer’s friend and enemy. As cuts are being made and marketers look for ways to increase sales, they must not lose sight of the fact that while price and selling are important, value — or the perception of value — is equally important. On […]

After the shock — one scenario for business

Predictions about a post-pandemic future are premature to be sure, especially this early on in the crisis. However, people need to look ahead, if not for certainty then for preparedness’ sake. One possible scenario has five stages. Let’s call it the “whip” curve: Old Normal Business activity as it was prior to the pandemic (i.e., […]

Demand generation in a time of social distancing

There is an old Latin proverb — “If there is no wind, row.” As the COVID-19 virus sets in and we all hunker down, many businesses have realized they have to be their own wind. No one will create opportunities for them. If they want to succeed, they have no choice but to muster the […]