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A New Era for Google Search

As we stand on the cusp of a new era shaped by artificial intelligence (AI), the integration of AI into organic Google Search has revolutionized the way we find and interact with information online. In this blog post, we explore the ongoing changes to organic Google Search through the lens of AI integration, explore the […]

Five Tips for Smooth Creative Projects

Being a great project manager for a creative agency requires a keen attention to detail, a deep understanding of the project’s flow and the client’s direction, as well as the ability to clearly communicate to both internal and external audiences. These skills help you achieve a completed project that’s on time, on budget, and meets […]

Marketing and AI: sorting the hype from the help

When it comes to artificial intelligence (AI) and marketing – fear of missing out runs rampant. And yet, never has a technology so less understood been catapulted to such a state of dizziness in such a short period (with the possible exception of the metaverse). AI has actually been around for a good while. Believe […]

Thought Leadership: The Good, the Bad, and The Ugly

Done right, thought leadership is the single most differentiating content marketing asset an organization can produce. And while thought leadership does serve brand equity goals (e.g., building credibility, trust and loyalty), its results are far more tangible: A study by Demand Gen Report and Demandbase found 84% of buyers surveyed agreed that a winning vendor’s […]

Business Strategy Should Drive Marcom Planning

The best case scenario for effective marketing and communications is a thoughtful and thorough strategic business plan with key strategic insights and direction to guide marcom plan development. A collaborative approach between strategy and marketing/communications leaders and teams is critical to achieve the best growth and profitability results. Why does business strategy matter? A number […]

Ways To Seize Opportunity In A Down Market

Finding a new normal for marketing means planning for future growth, even in a radically changing environment. Managing marketing investments during a recession — and particularly this pandemic-induced one — warrants a different approach. Here are several ways to maximize returns: Don’t Go Into Hibernation While it may feel like you are preserving resources by […]

Business behavior in a downturn: winners and losers

When there is a drop in demand for health care services due to consumer behavior in an economic downturn, the response by many health care organizations is predictable — retrenchment. Certainly for some organizations with revenues that have fallen to levels that threaten the survival of the business, there may be no choice but to […]

Consumer Priorities In A Downturn

In a Harvard Business Review article, authors John Quench and Katherine Jocz posited that consumers prioritize consumption by sorting products and services into four basic categories: Essentials are necessary for survival or perceived as central to well-being. Treats are indulgences whose immediate purchase is considered justifiable. Postponables are needed or desired items whose purchase can […]

Consumer Behavior in a Downturn

Consumer spending accounts for 70% of economic activity in the U.S., so when it diminishes repercussions reverberate widely. That being said, consumer behavior in downturns is by no means homogenous. In an article that appeared in the Harvard Business Review some years ago, authors John Quench and Katherine Jocz identify consumers as falling into one of four groups during a recession.

Best practices for healthcare marketing investment during a recession

The COVID-19 recession is the first pandemic-driven downturn of the modern era. It is a healthcare crisis, leading to an economic slump. While the capacity shortages, service mix shifts, and workforce/supply chain disruption that made headlines when the pandemic took root have moderated to the point where the integrity of the healthcare system is no […]