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The Surprising Key to Employee Engagement

As we’ve said before in our internal branding series, your people are your best asset. They shape every customer interaction, impact public perception of your company and have the power to increase revenue. With that in mind, it’s surprising that more companies don’t make employee engagement a priority. Taking steps to show team members how […]

Nurture More Than Your Leads

Lead nurturing is a critical part of marketing, but relationships can’t stop after the sale. Companies must nurture existing customers to keep them engaged and invite them to become brand advocates. Product check-ins are a natural way to get in touch, but in a world where it’s becoming increasingly difficult to cut through the noise, […]

Give B2B Buyers the Simplicity They Crave

We’re talking about engagement on the blog this month, focusing on three key groups: your prospects, customers and employees. Today we continue the discussion on your customers, a group that must be nurtured to inspire repeated purchases and long-term advocacy. Even when the first sale is closed, your work isn’t done. Keeping the customer journey […]

How to Create B2B Customer Advocates

To continue our discussion on engagement, today we’re focusing on customer advocates. Some B2B marketers consider this category to be more prevalent in B2C, but that’s not necessarily the case. Recruiting B2B customer advocates is simply a matter of knowing where to look and planning your approach. In our age of social media and peer […]

The #1 Secret to Keeping Prospects Engaged

This month on the blog, we’re talking about engagement. Today we’re explaining the number one secret to keeping prospects engaged, which might surprise you. It’s not new or revolutionary, but it’s essential. One of the most critical pieces of the lead nurturing puzzle is this: follow up. Follow up often, and be consistent. Companies who […]

Engaging B2B Prospects Throughout the Buying Cycle

Today, we begin our series on engagement by discussing one of the most important groups: your target. Engaging prospects is an art that’s been long explored by marketers, though it’s changed a lot in recent years thanks to the internet and social media. While it might be easier to engage leads at some points in […]

Why You Need to Increase Engagement

Recently, the word engagement has been getting a lot of attention among marketers. It’s certainly important, but what exactly does it mean, anyway? Some companies apply it to employee engagement, and others make the focus external, to customers and prospects. While one business believes internal culture is the path to success, another spends more time […]

VP Guest Post: Update on 2014 email marketing trends

Today’s guest post is from Dave Cannon, Vice President of Creative Technology at Movéo. As we wrap up our focus on email marketing for the month and close in on the mid-year mark, I thought it would be interesting to take a look at some of the predictions and trends that were noted about the future […]

Email Marketing Roundup

Here on Get There, we devoted the entire month to email marketing. It’s still one of the most important aspects of a multi-touch lead nurturing program, and it’s not going anywhere. Newer digital marketing tools and constant brand chatter have only made inbox real estate more valuable. Like anything else, it’s important to stay up […]