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A Category of One: What is Business Growth Consulting and Why Do You Need it?

This post was written by Sheri Granholm, Vice President of Consulting & Engagement. “We need to demonstrate how marketing is contributing to the value of this organization.” Associate Vice President of Marketing, Leading Academic Medical Center Healthcare Provider As a chief marketing officer, how often are you focused on this goal in your day-to-day activities? More […]


Three Campaigns Where Interactive, Creative and Content Came Together to Create Great User Experiences

A great campaign entices people with creativity, quality content, and the chance to take part. Get inspired with these three top-notch examples: IBM, Smarter Cities In 2013, IBM made a splash with its “Smarter Cities” campaign. By turning benches, ramps and rain shelters into ads, IBM got people talking – and interacting with the ads. […]

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How Data-Driven Strategies Get Built

Today’s post is by Matt Webster, Executive Vice President of Strategy and Planning for Movéo. When developing a strategic communications plan for a client, data is often as much about deciding what’s not useful as identifying what is useful. Intelligence derived from data can help companies find their most profitable customers, identify new business opportunities, […]

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Six Qualities of a Data-Driven Brand

Is your brand data-driven? If not, it’s time to make a change. As we’ve discussed this month, data-driven brands have the upper hand in marketing, as they’re better able to adapt and respond to changing variables in the marketplace. Read on to learn the six qualities of a data-driven brand that help them rise to […]

Marketing's Last Frontier | Get There by Movéo

Why Data and Insights is Marketing’s Latest Frontier

Today’s post is by Jiani Zhang, Movéo’s Analytics Director. Marketers are increasingly aware of the power of data every day. With easier access to huge amounts of sources and accelerated development of analytical approaches, data enables them to enhance and prove the impact of marketing investment on business growth. They achieve the transformation of roles from […]

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Four Ways Data Can Help Your Company Grow

In a changing marketing landscape, data analysis and insights give organizations the information necessary to measurably grow their business, spend their budgets wisely and compete effectively. There are many ways in which careful and strategic data analysis can result in the growth and success of an organization, including: Reallocating resources where they make the biggest […]

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