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Four Metrics That Measure Marketing’s Success

Earlier this month, we wrote about the importance of using data to communicate marketing’s impact on ROI to colleagues and bosses outside the marketing department. Friday’s post focused on key performance indicators (KPIs) that are essential to the new marketing value chain. These are important benchmarks for your marketing efforts and your company. In this […]

marketing KPIs

The New Marketing Value Chain and KPIs

With the emergence of the new marketing value chain comes the imperative to focus on new key performance indicators (KPIs). While mixing up your KPIs and becoming accountable for new metrics can be rattling for marketers who are used to a certain way of doing things, shifting your focus can make for smarter, more efficient […]

savvy CMOs

The Difference Between Savvy CMOs and the Rest

The job of the CMO is changing rapidly. As our Managing Partner Bob Murphy said in his MarketingProfs article, “How CMOs can Prove Their ROI in the C-Suite,” top-level marketers juggle multiple tasks, including navigating the digital sphere, satisfying company stakeholders and contributing to sales. Some have risen to these new challenges, while others have […]

marketing ROI value chain

How the New Marketing Value Chain Improves Marketing ROI

From business development to sales, all kinds of employees in all kinds of departments are relying on data to define their ROI. We predicted in our white paper on the new marketing value chain that data would become central to marketing operations, but it’s become more than that: data is now a universal way to […]

marketing ROI

Why is it so Important to Prove Your ROI?

Marketing ROI can be difficult to understand and even more difficult to track, but the best way to prove your worth is through easily communicable data. Too often, marketing is viewed as an isolated department, separate from sales, operations and other key actors, and as a result many key business leaders don’t understand how marketing […]

Marketing Value Chain and Your ROI

Why “Rules and Tools” Doesn’t Prove Your Worth

In 1923, Claude Hopkins argued that there are rules of advertising that, as long as they were understood and followed, would make success both attainable and repeatable. By combining marketing best practices with conventional wisdom and applying that knowledge across the best tools and channels, he said, marketers could provide predictable success. Today, too often […]

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