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The ultimate goal of sales-marketing alignment

Today’s customer is an intimidating breed. Thanks to the internet, they know more about products than ever before, and they’re almost always influenced by easy-to-find online reviews. They don’t talk to salespeople until late in the sales cycle, and at that point, they’ve often already made a decision. Their knowledge and independence makes the modern […]

Intersection of sales and marketing solves this problem

It’s no secret to B2B marketers that mastering social media is a must. We even dedicated our blog entirely to useful social tactics last month. But amidst the hype, this study from eMarketer reminds us that linking social media to revenue is still difficult. While social has proven great for collecting leads, marketers can’t measure […]

Your integrated sales team paves the way to the future

We’ve been talking about how to integrate sales and marketing teams, and this week, we’d like to shed some light on how it will optimize your company. According to MarketingProfs, organizations with tightly aligned sales and marketing strategies had 36% higher customer retention rates and achieved 38% higher conversion rates – percentages high enough to […]

When you align marketing and sales, don’t forget this step

As you work to bridge the gap between your marketing and sales teams, you simply can’t forget about data. In fact, if your company suffers from the great sales-marketing divide, metrics might be the missing link. We touched on this Monday, but today we’ll elaborate. Numbers and data link marketing to successful sales, and they […]

Is cold calling dead?

Today is about the question every B2B sales team is trying to answer. It’s a tough one, but marketing insight shows companies the way to move forward. What do you think – is cold calling dead? Cold calling may seem more dated every day, but it holds a respected place in the B2B world. With […]

Give your sales team this tool for success

As we continue to explore the value of the new sales team, or sales marketing alignment, let’s get practical. Some companies are not in a position to hire new people just to build a fully integrated team. In fact, some companies will find it difficult to make structural changes at all. That doesn’t mean sales […]

One of the biggest lessons sales managers can teach marketers

As we continue to explore sales-marketing integration, what we’re sharing today might be the biggest lesson marketers can learn from sales managers. B2B and B2C marketers alike know that every brand worth its salt is making efforts to humanize their brand voice. Customers want to feel important and understood. Lucky for us, this is a […]

Integrating your sales and marketing teams

The new sales team takes an integrated approach to sales and marketing that makes sense to today’s customer. If your company is relatively new, you can build a joint team from the beginning and everyone will be happy. However, if your company has been around a while, merging marketing and sales teams might pose a […]

Are sales and marketing as natural a pairing as PB&J?

On Wednesday, we introduced what we think is the best way to reach 21st century customers, the new sales team. Like many marketers, you might be wondering whether marketing and sales are a natural fit. Digital age or not, some companies have sales and marketing so deeply divided that a fusion of the two just […]