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February Faves

It’s the end of February, and time for the monthly roundup of our favorite B2B marketing blog posts from around the web. The posts we’ve chosen touch on themes that this month’s readers will find familiar: Social Networks, Marketing Technology, and a good old-fashioned “Learn from the Big Guys” post. The Top 9 Social Networks […]

Why Fear Matters in B2B Marketing

Nobody likes fear. In fact, we usually do our best to avoid it. We like to talk about how marketing is based on desire and fulfillment, not anxiety and doubt. But the fact of the matter is that B2B marketing is shifting. While consumers might wonder if they can afford a new computer, business owners […]

How to Empower Your Brand Advocates

We all love a happy customer, but if there’s one thing we love even more, it’s the customer who can’t stop talking about how great we are. What better marketing is there than someone recommending your company or product to everyone they meet? Although it is too often neglected, word-of-mouth marketing is highly effective. A […]

Three Marketing Automation Systems to Consider in 2013

According to a recent study, just over half of B2B companies are considering investing in new marketing automation systems this year. What about you? Would upgrading your current system bring you the results you want? Or are you just beginning to incorporate the potential of marketing automation into your future plans? Marketing Automation has been […]

Is Content Curation the New Content Creation?

Trying to keep your content fresh? For busy B2B marketers, this is an uphill challenge. The Internet is a bottomless pit of information; to stay at the top, you need to produce ever more interesting and relevant content. And content takes time. There are a couple of options when it comes to keeping your content […]

Strategy vs Creative: Is it Time to Flip the Equation?

So you’ve been putting in the long hours on your new marketing campaign, fine-tuning the copy and jazzing up the graphics. Everyone agrees it couldn’t be more perfect – until it falls flat. What just happened here? According to this interesting post by’s Susan Fantle, there’s a simple reason for the failure of seemingly faultless […]

Three Ways to Improve Your Marketing Email Open Rate

Email marketing is one of the best ways to reach out to your customer base. It’s virtually instant, readily analyzable, and nobody has to pay for the postage. Fully 97% of small businesses use email marketing, according to eMarketer. Unfortunately, a recent study by the Email Institute found that the average open rate for a […]

Five Content Curation Tools

We’ve already discussed the benefits of content curation, but let’s be realistic.  Very few of us have the time to sift through the vastness of the Internet to come up with the best articles, blogs, videos, and pictures that tie into our brands. Yet the hunt for ever more interesting and relevant content is the […]

Is it time for your annual data exam?

You probably get a physical every year – or at least you plan to.  And your car gets its yearly tuneup, right?  So why not your data? Data is an integral part of the marketing game. Without it, B2B marketing is just a practice exercise.  So why waste time chasing leads based on bad data?  […]

Three Barriers to High Quality Lead Generation

A recent study by MarketingSherpa pointed out that 74% of the professionals surveyed admitted that they were having difficulty generating high-quality leads. Ouch. Nearly three-quarters of businesses are struggling to effectively attract their target audiences and convert all that time and energy into sales. If your business is struggling to meet its goals – financial […]