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Using qualitative research in branding

Before conducting quantitative research in a new product category, researchers should first use qualitative research to develop a firm understanding of the landscape they’re preparing to assess. This early knowledge base will be helpful when determining consumer motives, segments and targets. Today we’re discussing our best tips for using qualitative research to inform branding strategy. […]


Are you quantifying your brand’s performance?

Although data is usually discussed on an aggregate level, it’s the minute, numerical details that provide the base from which large conclusions can be drawn. Each data set can have thousands of variables, and with so many to choose from, how can you determine which will be most effective in improving your brand? In today’s […]


Our 3 favorite tips for using data in branding

In the past, marketers used to build brands using intuition and qualitative research. But things have changed. Today, the most effective companies, campaigns and communications are made better through the assessment of quantitative data. By analyzing large amounts of data collected over time, organizations can craft brands that truly build their reputation and drive their […]

Our predictions for the future of data in marketing

There is no ignoring the monumental weight that data carries in the modern marketing landscape. It has contributed to the unprecedented success of marketing innovators like Google and Facebook, and enabled smaller businesses to utilize smaller budgets and analytical savvy to thrive in an increasingly competitive economy. Today, we’re answering a couple of questions we […]

Setting goals for your data-driven marketing

For most companies, the marketing optimization process never ends. Smart marketers continuously use past insights to modify strategies, redesign metrics, and analyze new information. Without accurate measurement, however, it’s impossible to use data to improve upon past efforts. Identifying the most valuable metrics is therefore both a pivotal and elusive component of the marketing process. […]


How to cut through the data noise

“Big Data” is often hailed as the new competitive advantage in marketing, but what happens when marketing data simply becomes too big to analyze in any meaningful manner? Professor Patrick Wolfe, executive director of the University College of London’s Big Data Institute, claims that the rate at which data is being accumulated “is rapidly outpacing […]

data mistakes

Data mistakes, part 2: Analysis problems

Unfortunately, data mistakes don’t stop at the collection stage. It’s all too common to see marketers misunderstand perfectly clean data by employing sloppy analysis practices. If you’re worried whether your data analysis is lacking, here are a few common culprits that may be leading you down the wrong path—and how to correct course. Analyzing with […]

data collection

Data mistakes, part 1: Collection issues

In the rush to collect data and modify marketing campaigns, marketers can lose sight of what quality collection really looks like. To draw useful insights from your data, you need to collect clean, useful information, not just vacuum up every imaginable data point and try to glean meaning from them. But how do you ensure […]