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Why Campaign Predictability is Essential to Your ROI

It’s hard to believe that we’re almost finished with the second quarter of 2015. With only one more month to go, it’s essential to begin thinking about how you’re going to prove your marketing ROI in the next quarterly meeting. If you’ve been working on improving the predictability of your campaigns, demonstrating a current and […]

Three Common Mistakes in Projecting Campaign Success

Are there common miscalculations in predicting marketing outcomes? Unfortunately, the answer is yes. In this post, we’re examining commonly overlooked KPIs, signs you’re losing sight of your marketing goal and missed opportunities that marketers need to take heed of when working to predict a campaign’s results. Failing to Align Tactics With the Mission and Goals […]

Three Internal Metrics for Marketing Team Efficiency

How do you measure the efficiency of your marketing team? It’s often noticeable when efficiency increases or drops, but it’s difficult to quantify. However, it’s essential to track internal metrics and processes if you want your marketing efforts to continue to reach new levels of success. A huge part of ensuring marketing strategy success is […]

Building Buyer Predictability in Marketing

As a marketer, you must always strive to better understand customer habits and predict how prospects will react to your marketing efforts. But how? Data and analytics can help your team better understand buyer personas and buying habits, give you the ability to rework strategies and tactics to adapt to your customers’ buying cycle, and […]

How to Predict Cross-Channel Successes

While social media and content marketing are integral to boost leads and revenue for a business, they rarely exist in a vacuum. More often, the past topics of discussion this week are elements of a larger, cross-channel marketing campaign. So how can a marketer predict success of a muti-faceted integrated marketing campaign? Today, we’re ending […]

How to Predict the Success of Your B2B Content Marketing

The outcomes of content marketing are difficult to measure, and they’re even harder to predict. Great content has the potential to draw in new leads and revenue, but we all know that these objectives aren’t always achieved. Some content just works, while the rest falls flat or fails to achieve the desired outcomes. So how […]

Projecting the Success of Your Next B2B Social Media Campaign

Is your brand effectively harnessing data insights to improve its social media marketing? Digital marketing is full of opportunities to apply such insights to improve ROI, but too many brands still don’t use data effectively. By focusing on the necessary metrics and KPIs, your team can determine the projected ROI of a social media campaign […]

Can You Predict Campaign Roadblocks? How Data Can Help.

Data can help predict success, but can it also prevent failure? Today, we will discuss how far data predictions can go in keeping your marketing on track, and how they can help marketers avoid potential roadblocks or problems in a campaign. Look at Past Work The most important — and easiest — way to use […]

Choosing KPIs to Predict Your Next Campaign

In order to create predictable marketing campaigns, it’s necessary to build on an existing foundation of data. As a marketer, you need to be able to look back on the successes and failures of past campaigns to determine how to maximize your marketing time and spend in the future. However, you can do better than […]