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business growth

Reality check: are you really driving business growth?

Your marketing may be creative, beautiful and interesting, but is it actually driving customers to the sales team and revenue to your business? It’s time for a reality check: no matter how innovative you think your marketing is, if it’s not driving growth, it’s failing. For the next few months, we’ll be taking a hard […]

2015 metrics

Use your 2015 metrics to launch better campaigns in 2016

Now that we’re a month into 2016, your organization should have a handle on key metrics from the past year and be prepared to apply key insights to a new 2016 strategy. But processing those can be overwhelming. With today’s nearly limitless available methods of data capture, it’s all too easy to collect more data […]

The new skills marketers need now

As marketers, we know how quickly the industry changes. In the past year even, we’ve seen SEO refocus to prize social media-active and mobile-optimized sites and the advent of new forms of marketing like streaming video and interactive content. But while we can adapt to these new innovations quickly, it’s more important to anticipate them […]

healthcare marketing

Three things to remember when creating a new type of content

If you follow our blog, you know that we love new and innovative content types, from interactive storytelling to live-streaming video. But when it comes to adding a new type of content to your marketing department’s repertoire, you’ll need to plan ahead and stick to the following guidelines in order to find success. Assess your […]

company culture

How to start a new company culture initiative that gets results

Harvard Business Review recently reported that happy employees have, on average, 31 percent higher productivity, 37 percent higher sales results and 3 times higher creativity than unhappy employees. It’s statistics like these that inspire us to take culture seriously at Movéo. We believe that fostering the happiness of our employees and building a great environment […]

new marketing technologies

Are you implementing new marketing technologies effectively?

Does your 2016 marketing budget include room for investment in new technologies? It probably should—marketing tech changes quickly and has a major impact on your work. But simply investing in the latest innovations isn’t enough to keep your organization competitive. To succeed, you need to be able to integrate new technology into your existing strategy […]

marketing department

16 questions to ask your marketing department in 2016

For those of you who lead the marketing department at your organization, January is a perfect time to check in with direct reports. As the year begins, solicit feedback. Ask your team members about the marketing operations in which they feel secure, and those they feel could use improvement in the year ahead. Here are […]

2016 marketing

Turn a corner in your marketing in 2016

Happy New Year! As the celebrations die down and you return to work, it’s time to focus on your top priorities for your marketing department in 2016. From entering the new year with a sense of purpose to making sure your team is prepared for new marketing opportunities, there are plenty of ways to brush […]