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Programmatic media buying 101

If you’re in charge of marketing or advertising for your organization, you’ve probably heard the term “programmatic media buying” — but are you confident you could describe it, much less perform it? While programmatic buying has soared in popularity, Forrester reports that only a quarter of marketers understood and have conducted programmatic buying — and […]

Media planning 101

If you were to ask us what the most effective media buying tactics are, you might be surprised that we wouldn’t answer with specific tactics at all. No, we’d say that the most effective tactics are those guided by a strategic media buying plan. A plan organizes your objectives and how you will achieve them […]

Messaging: from idea to action

From thought leadership to social engagement, brand messaging should drive your every decision. Messaging must align with your overall brand strategy in order to create a unified sense of your brand for your audience. Moving from a rough sense of the ideas you want to convey to robust messaging for use throughout your marketing is […]

Building brand architecture to support a growing brand

If you work at a large or long-standing organization, there’s a good chance that your offerings include multiple products or services. But in order to thrive in the marketplace, you need to effectively tie these offerings together. That’s where brand architecture comes in. Brand architecture is the way you relate your products or services to […]

Trends in graphic design: marketing infographics

Be honest: have you ever rolled your eyes when you saw or heard about yet another infographic? “Infographic” has been a buzzword in digital marketing for the past five years or so. A few years ago, the internet hit a saturation point. Every social platform was chock-full of infographics — good, bad and yes, ugly. […]

The importance of consistency in your brand look

A strong brand has tangible value. In fact, consistent brands have been found to be approximately 20 percent more valuable than erratic brands, meaning that taking steps to ensure uniformity across your brand can generate serious value. Because so much of your brand is communicated through visuals — such as logo, product packaging, and advertisements […]

How to craft buyer personas to better understand your target audience

Do you ever feel like you’re shouting out marketing messages but never hearing any response? Could it be because your messages don’t resonate with your intended targets? Buyer personas can solve your problem. They can, that is, if they’re well-crafted. Buyer personas are short profiles of fictional characters who represent each segment of your target […]

Case study: Using responsive design to improve UX, increase web engagement

When Hallstar came to Movéo, they were a leading global specialty chemical company, but their outdated image did not reflect that standing. They wanted to develop a vibrant new corporate brand that showcased their successful evolution into a highly differentiated, customer-focused company. Our team first conducted research to determine the true value of what Hallstar […]

How responsive web design leads to better marketing

As a marketer, it is your job to ensure that your organization presents a consistent message across every medium. Most customers first see this message on your website, and its design is the number one criteria they use to decide whether your business and message are credible. Because smartphones and tablets now account for about […]