Data in action: using real-time data analysis to power your marketing campaigns

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When you use data analytics wisely, you open up a new level of targeting and personalization in your marketing. Now think about what happens when you factor in the element of time, so that you can watch analytics populate, change and skew as new points are added to your data set. Powerful, right?

That’s what real-time analytics can offer you. Today, we’re talking about the uses (and misuses) of real-time data and how you can use it to give a better understanding than ever of how your audiences engage with your content. Read on for a few of the benefits of real-time analytics:

Debugging analytics processes

Don’t you hate it when you start building a new analytics process on Monday, turn it on on Wednesday and when you check it on Friday, you see that something didn’t trigger correctly? You’ve done all that work but have nothing to show for it except an incomplete data set.

Real-time analytics help you solve this problem right away. Once you set up your event triggers, run real-time analytics to test how everything is working. You’ll know within seconds whether there is an issue—so you’ve got more time to focus on the complete, clean set of results when they come in.

Enhanced personalization

Whether you’re looking to drive sales, engage audiences or simply point prospective buyers in the direction of a new product they may be interested in, real-time analytics allows you to boost how your digital marketing personalizes content.

Take Amazon, for example: they collect data on what pages a person visits, what items they’re looking to buy and what they’ve previously bought to create recommendations that are consistently and constantly updated as new data comes in. What’s more, their algorithm is able to segment recommendations into multiple categories: New for You, More Items to Consider, Related to Items You’ve Viewed and more. This targeted marketing allows them to reach customers with items they want, when they need them.

Gain new insights and shorten response time

Remember the blackout during the 2013 Superbowl? Oreo was the only company that had the capacity to develop a piece of marketing content to respond to the news while the blackout was still happening. The resulting Tweet was widely considered to be the factor that helped Oreo “win the marketing Superbowl” that year.

How did they do it? They had a team of social media experts, copywriters and designers poring over the minute-by-minute trends in order to identify what they could piggyback off of. Because they were already set up to create and respond in a shorter timeframe, they were able to achieve a memorable success.

Three years later, marketers have even more opportunity to gain real-time insights and shorten response time. With real-time analysis, you can target content thematically, geographically or to align with trending news. As a result, you’re able to keep your brand relevant to a wider audience and generate crossover appeal.

What real-time analytics mean for B2B marketers

While they can be exciting and open up new opportunities, real-time analytics are often best used in customer-facing marketing. However, B2B marketers can also benefit from utilizing real-time analytics. Here are a few quick reasons why:

  • You still need to customize content. Real-time analytics that provide content or product recommendations to your customers, leads and website visitors are a natural next step to the personalization efforts you’ve probably already started.
  • Your buyers come in contact with real-time analytics all the time. In our personal lives, we’ve come to expect real-time analytics that give us up-to-date information. Why should your buyers expect something different when they come to your site?
  • Everyone else is doing it. According to an eConsultancy report, 65 percent of B2B companies are carrying out some form of real-time marketing, and 87 percent agree that “real-time marketing is essential as behavior, device, place and time come together.” Don’t get left behind.

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