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Get Universal Search Appeal

Universal search promises to bring exposure to content once relegated to limited audiences and savvy surfers.  Universal search requires businesses to adjust their approach to search engine optimization. Businesses looking to optimize for universal search need to broaden their content horizons and look beyond optimization of just their website content. Anyone who knows anything about […]

Microsoft – the Underdog on the Web?

At Microsoft’s MIX conference Steve Ballmer, the Microsoft CEO, really let the questions fly, and handled himself the way one would expect the CEO of Microsoft, with audible playfulness, jokes, and a little dancing.  However, the crowd wasn’t all drinking the cool-aid. Former Apple Evangelical turned info product salesman Guy Kawasaki, blogger Rafael Rivera were […]

Why do Super Bowl Advertisers Pay to Entertain?

Like most advertising professionals, I enjoy watching the Super Bowl as much for the commercials as for the game itself. The next day, I always enjoy scouring the internet for the various reviews of :30 spots that ran during the big game — to see which are being considered true examples of great advertising, and […]

Brand Lessons From “Juno”

At my wife’s coaxing, I finally saw “Juno” the other day (for those living under a rock, it’s a coming-of-age film about a teenager’s unplanned pregnancy). I found myself liking the movie, mainly due to the whip smart dialog of screenwriter Diablo Cody. In fact I started thinking that every character in the movie, and […]

Looking to buy or just browsing?

For some time now Yahoo! has been working on an "Intent-Driven Search Engine" called Yahoo! Mindset . The slant, if you will, is this engine allows you to sort search results for your query based on whether you’re shopping or just researching. The idea being that if you’re out there researching a topic, you would […]

CMO: Chief Marketing Officer or Complexity Management Officer

At the iMedia Brand Summit earlier this month, Wenda Harris Millard (formerly Chief Sales Officer at Yahoo! and Executive Vice President of DoubleClick) addressed an audience of senior level marketing executives with her presentation titled "How Did We Get Here?"  Currently serving as President, Media for Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Ms. Millard presented a perspective […]

Super Bowl Vampires

Tom Brady and Eli Manning aside, the Super Bowl is also a shootout of the creative type, with major brands giving it their best shot. This year did not disappoint and there were some real winners. As is also usually the case, there were spots that fell prey to “vampire creativity,” a phenomenon that occurs […]

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