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Does Patient Satisfaction Matter?

Healthcare Providers Lag on Customer Loyalty Metrics A lot has been written about how the healthcare industry is woefully behind most others in their strategic marketing competence, technology adoption, customer focus, etc. This is not news. Actually hospitals have been conducting patent and stakeholder satisfaction surveys for a long time. But how have they been […]

How Long is Search Data Useful for, and Why is Europe Deciding?

European regulations on privacy, collecting and retaining data are already much more stringent than those here in the US. A recent report published by the European Commission’s Article 29 Data Protection Working Party is recommending six months. Google  has been quoted as saying that they were the first company to make search logs anonymous and […]

Maximizing profits versus maximizing ROI

It is a common question in advertising, how much spend is the right amount of spend?  As any marketer can attest, answering this question is not easy — especially when it’s asked by your CFO.  A straightforward (but overly simplified) response to the question is, “you should spend as much money as it takes to […]

The science of the emotional brand

Scientific Evidence that B2B Customers Want, Need Brands We have been arguing for years that brands matter in the B2B world while showing data to support this assertion. Of course we like the irony of using science and facts and dollars to say that art and emotion and brands are the things […]

Is your Dashboard getting in the way of your Objectives?

Imagine you’re driving from Chicago to St. Louis to meet an old friend for dinner.  To effectively calculate whether you’re on target to meet your stated objective (arriving in St. Louis by 5:00pm), the only instruments you would need are your car’s clock, its speedometer and the gas gauge.  By monitoring these devices, you could […]

Google Search Income Flat-lines after 25% growth in Q4 ‘07

Data from ComScore released to Wall Street analysts indicates that Google’s paid clicks in February rose only 3% compared with the same month a year earlier. Paid Search is Google’s Primary revenue source, when search users click on a sponsored-search result, generating revenue from the company’s advertising customers. So what does this mean for Paid […]

Get Universal Search Appeal

Universal search promises to bring exposure to content once relegated to limited audiences and savvy surfers.  Universal search requires businesses to adjust their approach to search engine optimization. Businesses looking to optimize for universal search need to broaden their content horizons and look beyond optimization of just their website content. Anyone who knows anything about […]

Microsoft – the Underdog on the Web?

At Microsoft’s MIX conference Steve Ballmer, the Microsoft CEO, really let the questions fly, and handled himself the way one would expect the CEO of Microsoft, with audible playfulness, jokes, and a little dancing.  However, the crowd wasn’t all drinking the cool-aid. Former Apple Evangelical turned info product salesman Guy Kawasaki, blogger Rafael Rivera were […]

Why do Super Bowl Advertisers Pay to Entertain?

Like most advertising professionals, I enjoy watching the Super Bowl as much for the commercials as for the game itself. The next day, I always enjoy scouring the internet for the various reviews of :30 spots that ran during the big game — to see which are being considered true examples of great advertising, and […]