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B2B brand updates

Two B2B brand updates that worked (and why)

Brand updates put a lot on the line. If done without the proper research, they can have long-lasting repercussions on your brand loyalty, customer recognition and more. But a strong, well-received brand update can drive positive press, reinvigorate your marketing and grab your audience’s attention. Need some inspiration for an upcoming brand adjustment? Learn from […]

brand engagement

Brand + Engagement = Growth

One key to growing a B2B business is having a strong brand that fosters engagement with buyers and end users. But in the end, marketing’s goals are to generate demand and activate sales, and so the most successful brand engagement is that which can be translated into viable leads that result in pipeline (and eventually […]

brand refresh

What to consider when researching for a brand refresh

At Movéo, we believe that very successful brand refresh must start with data insights at its foundation. Without research and data, branding is a guessing game, and one that won’t better an organization’s reputation nor win it customers. Read on for a glimpse at how Movéo uses detailed research to inform branding decisions, and what […]

net promoter score

How do people respond to your brand? What to measure.

For B2B marketers, understanding how “people” respond to your brand can be difficult, since B2B is all about businesses buying decisions. However, buying is still an emotional, personal activity that requires you to elicit positive reactions from end-users and the people signing on to do business with your company. That means B2B brands need to […]

brand awareness

Why brand awareness matters more for B2B companies

At Movéo, we believe strongly that B2B brands matter more than B2C. As we wrote in our white paper by that title: “Brands matter because the B2B marketing communications world is characterized by numbing sameness, commoditized feature wars and laundry-lists of product benefits. … Branding today is a strategic tool that helps the supplier cut […]

bradning drives business growth

How branding drives business growth in 2016

Marketing won’t take your organization very far if it isn’t built on a strong, consistent brand. In B2B marketing, branding is often left by the wayside—and yet, it’s essential for reaching new clients, growing existing partnerships and bringing in new revenue. Consider these three reasons why: Decision-makers are willing to pay more for strong brands […]

business growth

Reality check: are you really driving business growth?

Your marketing may be creative, beautiful and interesting, but is it actually driving customers to the sales team and revenue to your business? It’s time for a reality check: no matter how innovative you think your marketing is, if it’s not driving growth, it’s failing. For the next few months, we’ll be taking a hard […]

2015 metrics

Use your 2015 metrics to launch better campaigns in 2016

Now that we’re a month into 2016, your organization should have a handle on key metrics from the past year and be prepared to apply key insights to a new 2016 strategy. But processing those can be overwhelming. With today’s nearly limitless available methods of data capture, it’s all too easy to collect more data […]