The Essential Three-Pronged Approach to the New Marketing Value Chain

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The Old Marketing Value Chain had two links: rules and tools. The New Marketing Value Chain has three links:      1. Data-driven insight      2. Truly quantifiable strategy      3. Application of creative and technology Data-driven insight, the first link of the new value chain, reveals “why” marketing works. It discerns hidden patterns in the numbers that improve the decision making process in the other two links. Intelligence derived from data can help you find your most profitable customers, identify…

The Rules and Tools of the Old Marketing Value Chain

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For the past century, marketers have provided value by combining best practices with conventional wisdom and intuition and applying that knowledge across a platform of the latest, greatest tools and channels. In short, they mastered sets of “rules and tools” relevant in their time period. This is the Old Marketing Value Chain, as introduced last Friday. Throughout the 20th century, a number of people articulated the “rules and tools” based approach of their day. In 1923, Claude Hopkins argued that…

What is the Marketing Value Chain?

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Earlier this week, we described how marketing has historically fallen short of its ideal of predictability causing inefficiency and waste. Today, we’ll look at the traditional “Marketing Value Chain” to understand its shortcomings and why a new approach is needed. A value chain can be defined as a set of activities that an organization performs in order to deliver a product or service. The concept was first popularized by Michael Porter in his 1985 best-seller, Competitive Advantage: Creating and Sustaining…

The Most Cost-Effective Market Research That’s Right Under Your Nose: The Employee Survey


This is a guest post from Kevin Randall, Movéo’s Vice President of Strategy and Planning. This month, we’ve been discussing how B2B marketers can collect market data, including from primary market research studies, in an affordable, easy and useful way. One of the most inexpensive, yet invaluable (but usually overlooked) market studies a company can conduct is an employee survey. No, this is not an HR survey about job benefits, company outings, or rating your boss or peers. Instead we’re…

Introducing The New Marketing Value Chain


As we wrote on Monday, The Old Marketing Value Chain is constrained by its reliance on “rules and tools.” The Old Chain had no ability to change with shifting marketing conditions. It also failed to account for dynamic marketing tools. A business using the Old Marketing Value Chain could find their competitors passing them by through the application of new insights and strategies. The New Marketing Value Chain is an approach that works for marketers at companies of every size….

Do We Really Need All That Data?

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Have you ever wondered if all the buzz about data and big data is necessary? You’re not alone. We’ve noticed that “big data” has appeared on more than one list of overused marketing buzzwords lately. Our answer? Yes, increased access to data, big or not, offers endless opportunity to marketers, but it’s time to stop talking circles around it and start adopting strategies for optimization. In the end, it’s not the data that makes the impact It’s what your company…

Give Your Company Great Culture

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Though we’ve focused largely on outside-the-box professional development ideas in our series in investing within this month, internal investment doesn’t begin and end there. Developing a positive, enriching company culture is another key piece of the puzzle. Company culture is defined by intangibles, and employee perks are one contributing factor. There are a variety of ways to offer benefits, and some of them are more unconventional than others. Health insurance and retirement funds are expected, but fun perks have become…

Engaging B2B Prospects Throughout the Buying Cycle

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Today, we begin our series on engagement by discussing one of the most important groups: your target. Engaging prospects is an art that’s been long explored by marketers, though it’s changed a lot in recent years thanks to the internet and social media. While it might be easier to engage leads at some points in the cycle with those tools, at other times it seems nearly impossible to break through the chatter. In B2B marketing, the process of engaging targets…

Employee Spotlight Featuring Kevin Randall

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Great organizations understand the power of their people. Building and reinforcing the brand internally inspires employees to deliver the brand promise to customers at every turn. These advocates help move your organization closer to its vision. When employees are bolstered internally, their expertise often extends itself outside the company, even beyond its customer base. Movéo’s own Kevin Randall, Vice President of Strategy & Planning, is a perfect example. His thinking has been published by The New York Times, The Atlantic,…