The Movéo Team’s Top New Year Picks

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Our team is looking to the new year with fresh eyes and ample creativity as the holidays wrap up. As we look back on the year in terms of productivity, there are a few items that caught our eye to keep us sharp — whether creatively, analytically, or strategically. Take a look at our year-in-review top items below.

What the Team’s Saying

Allison, Copywriter: Sharpie pens. Mountains of Sharpie pens. They write smooth as a felt tip but don’t bleed through, and I’ll go through a pack a month easy. (Anyone know how I can get sponsored by Sharpie?) Also, if someone were to buy me a lifetime subscription to the Oxford English Dictionary, that would be a Christmas miracle.

Lee, Digital Marketing Manager: Definitely classes. I’ve been gifted a clay sculpting class, a bread making class, and an aerial aerobics class over the last few years and all were tons of fun! They give you a chance to still be creative while getting you off the computer. Win win!

Alex, Design Specialist: This marker set! These are the best paint markers EVER, so good for illustration, sketching layouts or doodling. Other ideas include a nice framed print of a cool poster for my favorite band, art print/books from any artist I like/ follow on IG, or one of those fancy design-y wall calendars.

Peter, Senior Copywriter: Bose Noise-Masking Sleepbuds aren’t just for getting a great night’s sleep! These are perfect for writers who really need to concentrate on their work, but find music just as distracting as the background noise they are trying to block out.

Ommwriter is software designed to block out the distractions that come with computer writing and helps us keep focused on our work. When Ommwriter is opened, the program automatically takes up the entire screen, helping to eliminate the urge to abandon writing in favor of all the other shiny things you can do online. Both are great options!

Lauren, Assistant Consulting & Engagement Manager: There’s nothing I love more than knowing what my week, month, and year will look like, so I can best be prepared for the curveballs. I love 12-month weekly planners because they help me keep track of what’s coming, so I can stay present and focused on the moment. I also like looking forward to fun things, and knowing I have a break coming up keeps me motivated!

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