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marketing metrics for sales success

Marketing Metrics That Set Up Sales Success

Marketers need to keep track of many metrics, some of which relate directly to sales department success. In order to improve communication and collaboration between sales and marketing at your organization, it’s important to track these metrics: Marketing Metric #1: Lead Source In today’s multi-touch marketing environment, new leads can often be attributed to multiple […]

Sales and marketing

Three Things Marketers Want From Sales, But Don’t Ask For

How can the sales team make marketing more effective? As we wrote last week, a stronger relationship between sales and marketing can improve the customer experience and your company’s bottom line. Unfortunately, many businesses do not foster teamwork between marketing and sales, and the two groups may not ask each other for the information they […]

Operationalize business purpose

How Sales Impacts Marketing

The relationship between sales and marketing is a two-way street; the two departments affect each other in a multitude of ways. While marketing can provide sales with the qualified leads they need to develop business, sales can provide marketing with the data, analytics and from-the-field insights they need to create and execute more effective campaigns. […]


How Marketing Impacts Sales

Studies show that a failure to align sales and marketing teams around the right processes and technologies costs B2B companies 10% or more of their total revenue per year. That’s $100 million for a billion dollar company. The case for better alignment is clear, but before significant improvements can be made, sales professionals and marketers […]


Why Does Marketing/Sales Alignment Matter?

Do your company’s marketing and sales teams work in partnership? Throughout the month of June, we’ll be exploring the importance of sales and marketing alignment and its impact on revenue and business growth. Looking for tips on making the case for improved communication and collaboration between these two crucial departments? Here are several of the […]

planning a data-driven marketing campaign

Launching a Data-Driven Campaign

As any marketer knows, there is a great deal of work that goes on behind-the-scenes leading up to a campaign launch. Fortunately, as we’ve gained access to more and better data, we’ve been able to work smarter, not harder during our recent campaign launches. Guesswork has gone out the window in favor of data-driven planning […]


Why Campaign Predictability is Essential to Your ROI

It’s hard to believe that we’re almost finished with the second quarter of 2015. With only one more month to go, it’s essential to begin thinking about how you’re going to prove your marketing ROI in the next quarterly meeting. If you’ve been working on improving the predictability of your campaigns, demonstrating a current and […]

data planning mistakes

Three Common Mistakes in Projecting Campaign Success

Are there common miscalculations in predicting marketing outcomes? Unfortunately, the answer is yes. In this post, we’re examining commonly overlooked KPIs, signs you’re losing sight of your marketing goal and missed opportunities that marketers need to take heed of when working to predict a campaign’s results. Failing to Align Tactics With the Mission and Goals […]

internal metrics for marketing efficiency

Three Internal Metrics for Marketing Team Efficiency

How do you measure the efficiency of your marketing team? It’s often noticeable when efficiency increases or drops, but it’s difficult to quantify. However, it’s essential to track internal metrics and processes if you want your marketing efforts to continue to reach new levels of success. A huge part of ensuring marketing strategy success is […]

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