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The evolution of choosing a doctor

As the Internet evolves it takes many industries along for the ride. One such industry is healthcare. Way back in the old days, more popularly known as the ‘90’s, healthcare customers would rely on word-of-mouth references and telephone books to find a family doctor. But oh how the times have changed. Nowadays, the Internet has […]

Moments of Truth

These days it’s hard not to read the news, turn on the TV or go for a walk without someone talking about the economy and bailouts for the financial and automotive industry.  Usually this news is followed up by a story that some company, who is begging for money is also throwing lavish training seminars […]

Obama & Xbox…

Barack Obama is the first African-American president-elect of the United States, but that is not the only way he made history… Obama also made political history by being the first to place presidential campaign ads in online video games. Obama featured Internet ads in 18 games through Microsoft Corp's Xbox Live service to promote his […]

Do you want to be a leader or a follower?

It’s funny to me how it seems that the first thing companies tend to do in economic hard times is “trim” (PC word for cut) their marketing budgets.  I can understand that need to cut back spending during downturns but to cut back marketing dollars seems counter intuitive to me.  When budgets tighten, sales become […]

Voiceovers Can Work Quite Famously

Whether you’ve heard it on the radio on the way to work or saw a spot on television, chances are good that you’ve been exposed recently to a commercial backed by a famous celebrity voice. And while this technique for selling products isn’t new, I’m curious to know if people today are receptive to it. […]


Over dinner recently, I found myself in a discussion about the importance of “policing” trademarks. The man who raised the subject described being chastised by a friend for misusing the brand name TiVo®. Their conversation had gone something like this: “I really like that show. I always TiVo it.” “But you don’t have a TiVo.”“OK, […]

Effective Associations

Change. Over the past year Americans have learned to associate this single, simple word with hope, political reform, and a particular individual who promised both. Though the word is neither new, trademarked, nor rarely used, through successful marketing the word change has been universally associated with a single politician and his political ideals. While this […]

This is Who we are!

Did you ever noticed how symbols created for certain reasons were also used for other purposes as well? Groups have taken symbols and other icons to represent themselves and let the world know who they are by what they carry.This is how they branded themselves to be distinct. Some symbols are used for nationality. For […]

Generic vs. The Real Deal

I know that in times like these, my brand loyalty is constantly being tested. Whether I’m standing in the middle of the cosmetics or detergent aisle, I seem to second guess myself. “Do I go with the cheaper generic brand or the slightly more expensive and familiar brand? Do I go with the brand I […]

Lead Generation and Quality Scoring

A key metric with online advertising efforts is lead generation, or the ability to produce an engaging message for which a potential customer would give their contact information. While generating leads, one really needs to take into account the quality of the leads and how best to utilize them to create a purchase.  Quality leads […]

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