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Align marketing message and delivery

Before you can utilize content to compel your target to buy from you, you have to get it in front of them. In order to make sure you’re delivering content to those who need it most, at the right times and in the right manner, you need to develop a content delivery strategy that considers […]

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Is my content achieving its goal?

Marketing content doesn’t have to lead directly to sales every time someone consumes it to be valuable to your organization. But content does need to achieve two goals: it must serve your target market and it must move leads further through the sales funnel. We hate to say it, but if your content isn’t doing […]

thought leadership vs promotional content

Thought Leadership vs. Promotional Content

Today’s post is from Brian Davies, managing partner of Movéo. Brand owners continue to publish vast amounts of promotional content: product- or service-focused information that finds its way into brochures, PowerPoints, websites and other tools too numerous to list here. In fact, one of our clients just finished a major revamp of its entire literature […]

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How to diagnose weaknesses in your content

We all want to see our content succeed, but when content performs poorly, it can be a learning opportunity. Today, we’re taking a look at three of the most common reasons content fails, and breaking out our marketing toolkits to do some repair work. Problem: vague content Your content is vague, offering no unique insights […]

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Three types of content that truly deliver on target needs

Marketers, what are your favorite types of content? Whether you’re into white papers or video, the form your content takes will have a dramatic impact on how your audience processes and acts on its information. Today, we want to talk about three types of content that can truly benefit your targets with actionable, educational insights. […]

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