Four Ways to Keep Your Brand Relevant on Facebook

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In late 2013 and early 2014, Facebook presented great challenges to its business users. They’ve been well documented on the marketing blog circuit, and even Facebook themselves have weighed in on the issue. All chatter aside, the reality is that organic reach of Facebook business page posts has almost entirely disappeared. Unpaid posts enjoyed exposure until late fall 2013, but now they reach 2% of followers, maybe 5% on a lucky day. All predictions confirm that organic reach will be…

Don’t forget that content is measurable

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Ever find yourself up to your neck in content production, but wishing you had time to pay more attention to data and analytics in the moment? Yeah. Us too. Deadlines and incessant social media chatter make it easy to bury yourself in content, but taking the time to dig into data is worth it. In fact, it’s necessary. It’s your job to not only create stellar content, but to measure how it’s working. Three reasons you should commit to data:…

Visual storytelling for B2B – 3 Tips

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Today, we’re tackling a reality of successful content strategy that can be intimidating for B2B-ers– good content is visual content. Visual stimulation is simply part of our culture, and that isn’t going to change anytime soon. Armed with that knowledge, It’s important for content marketers to stay ahead of the game. Highly complex B2B companies might think this isn’t their territory, but they’re wrong. The key to B2B visual storytelling is to think outside the box. Here are three tips:…

Content and the mobile monster

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Every marketer knows that mobile is unavoidable. More data is being consumed on mobile devices with each passing day, even though bigger screens are usually within reach. Consumers are opting for the convenience of having a smartphone in hand, and marketers have to create content with that in mind. How do you reduce your brand’s big ideas to the small screen? Don’t worry, it’s not as hard as you think. Four action steps for great mobile content: 1. Address display….

Curation: we give you permission

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Content curation is a double-edged sword. Some marketers feel guilty about sharing other people’s work for their own gain, yet it feels like the only way to keep up. Truthfully, you shouldn’t feel bad at all. Curation is a healthy part of a good content strategy. Consistent content for your community calls for a mixture of original work and strategically chosen work from other sources. Content curation is not only okay – it’s beneficial. A skilled curator knows how to…

Content for each stage of the funnel

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Without preparation, content production can be an arduous and never-ending process. If you’re a marketer but feel like you’re out of shape and running a marathon, you might not have equipped yourself for the race. To be ready, utilize this content marketing trick. Develop specific content for each stage of the sales funnel. In our fast-paced world, it’s important to have pieces of content that match your brand voice ready before you even start. Though the internet has drastically changed…

Four essential parts of a content resource center

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Companies are becoming increasingly aware of the need for great content marketing. As you develop your own team, it’s your job to equip them with the tools for success. Sometimes, this means investing in new technology, but believe it or not, one of the most valuable ways to prepare them won’t cost a thing. That’s a no brainer, right? So before you do anything else related to content marketing, create a content resource center for your company. Give it to…

Content: beauty in execution

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When you work to optimize content marketing, start with a documented content strategy and a strong team for execution. Wondering about the next step? Well, equally important as the people who will put your plan into action are the tools that make it possible. Though it might seem like a given to some, it’s important to note this rule: Technology and content marketing go hand in hand. As the marketing leader at your company, make sure your team has the…

Get help with content in unlikely places

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The benefits of content marketing are becoming increasingly apparent, and more companies are exploring how to make it part of their everyday operations. The first step is a good content strategy, and the second step is a strong team for execution. If you’re just getting serious about strategic content marketing, chances are you’re worried about building that perfect team. It takes certain skills to make content consistent, compelling and engaging to your customers, and assembling a content team for your…

Content Strategy: Use what you have

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By now, we’re sure you agree – a content strategy is key to effective content marketing. The truth of the matter, though, is that it’s intimidating. As a marketer, you’re probably consumed with content production in the here and now, and planning for the future might feel next to impossible. Small business marketers tend to feel this pain more than those at large companies, where bigger departments find themselves with more time for strategy. But at a big company, getting…