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cross-channel marketing success

How to Predict Cross-Channel Successes

While social media and content marketing are integral to boost leads and revenue for a business, they rarely exist in a vacuum. More often, the past topics of discussion this week are elements of a larger, cross-channel marketing campaign. So how can a marketer predict success of a muti-faceted integrated marketing campaign? Today, we’re ending […]

content marketing predictions

How to Predict the Success of Your B2B Content Marketing

The outcomes of content marketing are difficult to measure, and they’re even harder to predict. Great content has the potential to draw in new leads and revenue, but we all know that these objectives aren’t always achieved. Some content just works, while the rest falls flat or fails to achieve the desired outcomes. So how […]

marketing tactics for success

Top Tactics for Success With the New Value Chain

The new marketing value chain relies on rigorous data analysis and the strategic application of insights. Social media, email marketing and content creation are three areas in which marketers can succeed with new value chain tactics, which can in turn lead to widespread growth. Take a look at the value of these three digital tools […]

content marketing and metrics

The Relationship Between Marketing Content and ROI

In all of our talk about data and analytics, it can be easy to lose sight of the importance of content. We’ve talked before about the importance of creating quality content, especially as the amount of content generated through social media, blogging and other platforms increases. In today’s world, 4.75 billion pieces of content are […]

keep marketing accountable to purpose

Keep your marketing accountable to your purpose

Like we talked about last week, data and analytics are essential for marketers who want to make purpose central to their message. Carefully developed measurement processes can help you figure out not only how successful your marketing is, but also how closely it aligns with your purpose. The Relationship Between Purpose and Accountability What really […]

data drives business purpose

How data drives purpose

What do data and analytics have to do with purpose? Data-based operations allow marketers to discover purpose-driven messaging that they can tailor to their target audience’s interests and needs. Here are a few ways to do just that. Check website traffic trends to assess what your stakeholders care about Taking a look at your organic site traffic […]

Business purpose on social media

Communicate your purpose across platforms

By this time, if you’ve been diligently reading our blog, you’ve already learned how to construct, operationalize, and communicate your purpose. But unless your purpose statement is under 140 characters, you’ve still got work to do. Being able to communicate your purpose not only to employees and the outside world but to different audiences on […]

Measure business impact SROI and NPS

Measuring Your Purpose

We’ve been talking a lot about purpose in marketing for the last few months, and while we’ve made it clear how purpose can help build marketing success, there’s a lingering issue that savvy marketers have probably noticed: how do you measure purpose? Today, we’ll discuss how analytics can be used to measure customer and employee […]

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