New Media Giant Google Passes?

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One of the things I do on a regular basis is follow Google. It’s not just because I am a Google Advertising Professional, but really a fascination with the Calculus with words and sociology that pay per click advertising is. With real dominance in the PPC/Search industry Google, Inc. is constantly trying to innovate and expand their offerings across media platforms.  Not a week goes by that some new way to advertise doesn’t seem to be popping up in my client center.

When I first began in Internet Marketing it was less than six months after the first massive Google slap that forced many adsense revenue earners to take out a second mortgage and rethink their entire business model. Since then several Google dances have stood out.  The introduction of the google quality score and many others have rocked the internet marketing community which claims to be white hat, but all to often has a small black hat hiding underneath.  Google has been so proactive in tying up loopholes they have left us the users and searchers of the public and business to business world with a results because of it.  Even competitors Yahoo SM, MSN, and look more like the dominant Google everyday.  The new media giant google is dead. Long live the emerging media king, Google.

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