iPad, Meet Photoshop

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Big things come in small packages, and soon something very big will be coming to small screens everywhere.

In July, creative technology giant Adobe Systems Inc. announced that it is releasing the full version of its Photoshop program for Apple iPads in 2019 — much to the delight of creatives everywhere.

Currently, Adobe offers a scaled-down version of the program, Adobe Photoshop Express, which gives users basic image editing functions. With the new program, users can access the full potential of these programs, and are able to pick up where they left off across devices.

For designers and marketers, this is big news. No longer shackled to their laptops, they can have more freedom to work on the go.

“This is great news and has the potential to change the digital design industry in a big way,” says Matt Laman, Associate Creative Director at Movéo. “I am already a huge fan and advocate of my iPad pro and apple pencil. The combination instantly rendered my Ituos tablet irrelevant”

While this update is long anticipated, some worry that that key functionalities may not translate well on an iPad. Take, for example, the use of keyboard shortcuts. These can be a massive time saver for design work. Without them, some feel that the transition may not be worth it. Others, like Laman, recognize and accept that additional software may be needed for optimal performance.

“It still requires third-party applications to interface with the creative suite, which adds yet another level of complexity and issues to overcome,” Laman says. “I cannot wait to give this a test drive and see how this impacts my workflow.”

Adobe is planning on releasing full versions of other programs, like Illustrator, though the timeline for that is unknown at this time. However, if the company can successfully replicate the full versions, iPads may well be creatives’ new must-have tool.

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