How an “Excel sheet on steroids” could change marketing forever

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If you haven’t heard of blockchain, you will. This bleeding- edge ledger is already being used to track transactions in cryptographically verified sequences (i.e., “blocks”) globally. The result is a rock solid data integrity and a definitive record of who owns what and when.

The much-hyped cryptocurrency Bitcoin runs on blockchain, but the technology has potential application well beyond finance. Here are just some of its uses that Digiday speculates may impact the field of marketing:

  • Reward and pay creators for making content
  • Make ad buys by pooling data securely
  • Ensure ads are seen and a verifiable record made showing by whom
  • Use smart contracts — like the kind made possible by blockchain technology company Ethereum — for digital marketing campaigns

Blockchain is in its infancy, but just as programmatic advertising showed, what starts out a puzzling phenomenon can become an industry standard in a very short time.

Movéo insight:

Blockchain is no fad. The question is not if it will grow, but rather how big it will get. The reason? Blockchain aligns perfectly with a world where “trust” can now only be ensured by transactions that take place over distributed networks that no single person, group, corporation, or government can own. Want to learn more? Here’s blockchain explained in a 60 second video.

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