Bob Konold

Associate Creative Director / Writer

Education: B.S., Marketing, The Ohio State University; M.S.A., Northwestern University

Why I do what I do: While in Marketing 101, the professor said, “If you’re enjoying marketing, you’re going to love advertising. But of 500 of you in class, only three will make it to the big leagues of advertising.” I went up after class and asked how to do it. Flash forward: I’ve been in the business for decades, co-created the Energizer Bunny and still love the next client challenge.

 Responsible for: Creating ideas and copy that inspire, inform and entice people to act.

 Favorite hobbies/pastimes: Golf; skiing; travel; music; and playing one gig a year with my high school rock band.

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"Rules are what the artist breaks; the memorable never emerged from a formula."
-Bill Bernbach
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