So You Want to Make a Difference?

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This month on the blog, we’ve given you plenty of information on how marketers are making a difference that extends beyond their fields and impacts the greater good. But today, let’s take a step back and focus on how one company or one person can choose to use marketing to promote the greater good.

Business growth and economic growth go hand-in-hand

As we talked about in our post on January 5, the connection between marketing, business growth, and economic growth is often a straight line: marketers drive customers to a business, which in turn drives revenue, and that creates a strong sector, and eventually a strong economy.

In order to make sure that your company is positioned for success, it’s imperative to keep this business growth top-of-mind. The best way to do this is to ensure open communication with the rest of the company in order to make sure that all of your goals and objectives are in line, and then develop the strategy and tactics to set your marketing up for success.

Know the actors you impact

As we’ve talked about in previous blogs, the impact of your marketing goes far beyond your immediate targets. Think about those secondary and even tertiary actors who are impacted by your marketing, and keep their needs in mind when you develop a plan. Remember, the employees of your partner businesses, the business itself, and the customers they reach are all impacted by what you do, so take a moment to think about their objectives and how you can best help them.

Data and analytics is key to success

But how do you develop strategy and tactics that set you up for success? Movéo is built upon the idea of, and has found success in, establishing measurable KPIs, and using data to monitor the performance of any marketing effort.

After communicating with the rest of the company on their goals and objectives, focus on setting up analytics that are related to company-wide goals, and then break those down into marketing objectives. This way, the data that you collect will let you know how you are doing as a department, but also tie back to the overarching business strategy. This analytical approach is what will drive business growth.

Making a difference through marketing is a tough task that requires a steadfast focus on promoting the greater good. However, it’s absolutely worth the effort.

Let us know: what steps are you taking to impact your world?

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