How Raw Content is Reshaping Our World

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Raw content has become more important and influential in digital marketing. This amateur content lacks the veneer of professionally-created content, but its authenticity is its strong point.

There are downsides to raw content. The lack of professional editing casts facts into question, and can create a frustrating reading experience. Amateurs may not have access to the same range of tools and training to create polished final products.

All the same, raw content has surged in popularity. This content is created by people who care enough about the projects to create them in their personal time. It’s available in seemingly unending quantities and is constantly renewed. Perhaps most influential, it’s usually free.

So what can professionals learn from raw content, and how can they compete? Some professionals are finding ways to harness the power of amateur content, while maintaining professional standards and putting their creative training to work.

Let’s take a look at a pop culture example. To promote this year’s Hunger Games installment, Lionsgate partnered with YouTube stars to create videos in the style of television broadcasts from within the world of the film. These videos combine the polish and professionalism of Lionsgate’s marketing department with the passion of the amateur artists.

These partnerships allowed all those involved, professionals and amateurs, to expand their audiences. Lionsgate strategically chose YouTube creators to reach a wide variety of people, by including artists who make videos about martial arts, food, fashion, science and tech.

Partnerships are only one way to address the rise of amateur content, and they only make sense in some contexts. But it is professionals who adapt to the new digital landscape and take risks with new kinds of content that may reap the largest rewards in the future. How will your brand stand out?

Photo Credit: cegoh via Pixabay

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