October Faves

Happy Halloween! We’re taking some time away from celebrating one of our favorite holidays around the office to share some of our favorite B2B marketing posts from the last month with you. Hopefully this is just one of the many treats you’ll get to enjoy today.

Traditional Marketing Planning is Wrong for Your New Venture by Peter Whalen and Samuel S. Hollowan via Harvard Business Review

Finally, someone is acknowledging the fact that old marketing planning processes simply don’t make sense for many of today’s new companies. Rather than going through the slow, inflexible process of analyzing existing markets, predicting outcomes and designing detailed year-long tactical plans, the authors of this post suggest that today’s startups use what they call effectual marketing planning. We’re excited to learn more about this new approach that emphasizes quick adaption, learning through failure and strategic experimentation.

How to Get the Most Out of Paid Twitter Ads by Christina Pappas via Eloqua’s It’s All About Revenue

We know you liked our recent posts about advertising on Facebook, so we think you’ll find Eloqua’s latest about B2B ads on Twitter to be worth your time as well. We found their suggestions about tracking conversations outside of Twitter and keeping your eye on metrics unrelated to your follower

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