The do’s and don’ts of lead generation

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Over the past few weeks, we have taken a deep dive into the top lead generation tactics and provided tips on maximizing your campaign. As you may have realized by now, there are a host of practices — both good and bad — that are widely used by marketers. Today, we will help you discern best practices from those that aren’t quite as successful.

Do include calls-to-action in all materials

A successful content strategy focuses on driving user engagement with your brand. Without a strong call-to-action, you are at risk of losing prospects’ attention. Over 90 percent of prospects that read your headline also read CTA copy, though only about 30 percent of organizations include CTAs on their materials, including their home page. That means that many organizations fail to convert prospects who are engaging with content, ultimately losing out on the value content can bring. Don’t pass by this key opportunity to collect qualified lead information and set your organization apart from competitors.

Don’t confine your thinking to digital tactics

Of course, maintaining a strong digital presence is essential to any modern marketing campaign. But there are other lead generation tactics to consider that can help you propel your brand and improve your success. Telemarketing still lands in the top five B2B lead generation strategies in terms of highest return on investment, and direct mail isn’t far behind. While it’s true that digital tactics have become increasingly important in campaigns that see success, failure to complement your efforts through other channels could negatively impact your campaign in the long run.

Do use analytics to identify areas for optimization

The most successful lead generation campaigns employ various tactics. However, without a reliable analytics system in place it becomes impossible to track which solutions are paying off. Only 44 percent of CMOs have implemented accurate analytics systems and a whopping 84 percent of marketers are unable to measure ROI from their campaigns. This means that the vast majority of marketing efforts are going untracked, with no way of differentiating successful tactics from those that are failing. If this sounds familiar, there is truly no time to waste. We recommend Google Analytics, which can easily be used in tandem with marketing automation software like HubSpot and Act-On.

Don’t email your contacts too frequently

This is one of the easiest best practices on the list, though one that is frequently ignored by marketers. Lead nurturing is one of the most successful techniques for getting prospects to convert to sales, but users become wary if they are being inundated with emails — regardless of whether they chose to opt in. In fact, about 35 percent of contacts name email frequency as the top reason to unsubscribe from a mailing list. Finding a regular email cadence can be challenging, but a general rule of thumb is to send no more than two emails per month, though this figure largely depends on your specific industry. In short, if you are noticing a spike in your unsubscribe figure, it is a safe bet to decrease your frequency.

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