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Driving millions in revenue through lead generation


Psion, recently acquired by Motorola Solutions, supplies mobile computing solutions to companies in a variety of industries, including transportation, logistics and warehousing. Psion was looking to generate sales leads and drive new revenue.

Insight & Strategy

Selecting the right channels, breaking through the noise, capturing the right decision maker’s attention, all while tracking and optimizing a campaign is a challenging undertaking. Movéo’s expertise in demand generation led us to a core strategy: we would create a campaign with multiple touches, compelling offers — both “hard” (e.g., discounts) and “soft” (e.g., thought leadership assets) and a strong nurture marketing component.

From the Movéo Blog:

What is demand generation, and how does it work?

Mobile Friendly Landing Page
Mobile Friendly Landing Page
Print Advertising
Print Advertising
Optimized User Experience
Optimized User Experience


To bring our strategy to life, we developed the campaign theme, “Demand Better.” Movéo constructed user scenarios to define campaign design and information architecture. We then reached out to potential sales leads through email, online banners and print ads, all of which drove to offer-focused landing pages. We were able to quickly optimize which elements worked best and scale them across the program.


Psion tracked $2 million in shipped revenue and $12 million in pipeline to the lead generation campaign in its first four months in the field. Movéo also helped the company develop a nurture marketing effort around an estimated $60 million worth of potential sales.

$2min shipped revenue and $12m in the pipeline

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