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Build lead conversion quality and brand trust in specialized therapies

Although a global leader in accelerating delivery of therapies, Syneos Health needed to effectively convert more marketing-qualified leads to sustain and increase growth. This would require establishing even deeper trust and educating prospects on specific solutions.

The Syneos Health team asked Movéo for help in enhancing brand awareness to drive engagement, while generating quality leads in key therapeutic areas such as oncology, cell and gene therapy, and vaccines.


A strategic, multi-faceted approach to engagement

  • Develop a decision matrix scoring model utilizing multivariate analysis to help determine go-to-market priority topics for paid and non-paid media support.
  • Devise a comprehensive media strategy with a top, middle, and bottom funnel approach utilizing high-performing digital and data platforms.
  • Implement audience segmentation and develop lead lists with appropriate/refined solution-specific targeting.
  • Target over 81K account-based users through third-party integration with DemandBase audiences across GDN and LinkedIn.
  • Create remarketing audience lists to re-engage for a lower cost-per-click.


Significant brand lift and enhanced lead generation across therapeutic campaigns


Brand awareness lift


Brand videos viewed in campaign year


Increase in web visitors


Paid search ad CTR

  • Achieved 11.1% brand awareness lift across 9,300 surveyed users in 2023; 5.3M brand videos watched in 2023.
  • Increased new visitors to the website by 40% (from paid media) in the second half of 2023. These users showed a 44.7% engagement rate — 2x higher than the average user.
  • Generated leads through effective paid search ads which received a CTR of 11%, indicating exceptionally strong user intent.

  • Created more therapeutic focus by aligning campaigns with specific therapeutic categories and capturing the attention of relevant stakeholders in these specialized fields with the right message at the right moment.
  • Optimized budget allocation through the media plan’s detailed breakdown, which ensured efficient utilization of resources across different stages of the funnel. This strategy maximized ROI and drove results in line with Syneos Health’s objectives.

Working as an extension of marketing and sales teams, Movéo helps companies attract, acquire, and retain customers to ignite their growth.