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Unifying acquisitions with next-level branding


After consolidating with Michigan-based Trinity Health, Loyola Medicine, top rated academic medical center based in Maywood, IL faced a challenge in expanding and delivering care profitably as well as winning interest and loyalty in both patients and physicians. Our client saw the need and urgency to formally define and leverage a new brand position to tell its story. Its tagline “We also treat the human spirit” remained a powerful idea with strong equity in the marketplace, but its full meaning had not been effectively distilled, articulated, and communicated internally to associates. Keeping this in mind, Movéo developed and refined a new brand strategy for the client.


Leveraging Loyola’s existing market research, Movéo reviewed competitive materials and information as well as existing brand strategy materials to conduct a 4Cs analysis (competition, company, category, customer) as part of its discovery process. Movéo’s Insight & Strategy team also held a “Brand Hillscape” workshop designed to help find where the brand’s spirit, strengths and success meet. The workshop of over 20 Loyola Medicine stakeholders from executive  management, physician leadership, pastoral care, and other staff led to key insights and consensus about the brand personality and other brand elements while creating excitement about what was to come.

Insight & Strategy

The brand workshop along with content audits and analyses, led Movéo to land on the brand idea “Inspired Connections.” This brand idea allowed Loyola to crystallize the message that it is delivering the best medicine with the timeless human values and innovation that people want. It also helped to bring to life all the factors that went into creating the brand idea: from delivering high-value healthcare, personifying Loyola’s mission and values and leveraging best practices to providing better access for patients and identifying and prioritizing healthcare needs of the patients in the communities served.


Upon developing the brand idea, Movéo built out the BrandCore — further defining each aspect of the brand, including the following:

Brand Vision

Loyola University Health System, a faith-based academic health system in Chicago and a member of a large catholic healthcare network, is nationally recognized for providing a unique combination of excellent academic medicine and human values within the communities it serves.


MAGIS/”More”, Service, Spirit, Loyalty, Accessibility

Brand Personality

Courageous, Intellectually Curious, Caring, Honest, Hopeful

Overall Positioning

Loyola University Health System is an interconnected Academic Health System that delivers excellent clinical and human care through Jesuit-inspired values to the communities it serves.

Brand Promise

  • Every one of LUHS’s more than 6,000 employees seeks to do MORE by facing problems and acting courageously to solve them.
  • Every LUHS employee puts the patient’s physical, emotional and spiritual needs ahead of his or her own.
  • Every LUHS employee is driven and empowered to do the right thing.
  • Every LUHS employee is an equal member of Our Team.
  • Every LUHS employee faithfully and proudly serves Our Ministry and Mission. (Trinity Health & LUHS’)


Developing the brand idea and all the subsequent components of the brand provided a framework for internal brand unification efforts to be used under Trinity Health, Loyola, and Gottlieb personnel. These unified brand elements helped organically bring together the three organizations while still remaining true to its tagline “We treat the human spirit” and resonating with physicians and stakeholders alike.

The mission is not just the words on the paper, but it’s really alive here. And there’s a unique combination of clinical excellence with care for the individual and the family ... the mission is just in the water here. –Loyola Medicine physician
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