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Building a custom web app fuels staff efficiency


Hallstar, a global specialty chemical company, depends on new and timely chemical formula development to grow its business and compete. However, a lack of data sharing, standardization and, reliance on paper records was hurting the team’s efficiency. Hallstar enlisted Movéo to dramatically improve its internal formulation processes and test data organization.

Insight & Strategy

Movéo’s digital services team determined that creating a custom web application that automated steps in the formulation process would solve the data sharing challenges and establish a standard, more efficient approach for formula creation and testing. This developed into a cohesive tool that became known as the Hallstar Formulation Builder.


Movéo built a custom solution that automated calculations and test time scheduling, standardized Hallstar’s procedures, provided a centralized system with a history of their tests, enabled one-click publishing to the public website, and added new functionalities, including:

  • Secure access and self-service user account management
  • Optional auto-increment functionality with new formula iterations and subiterations
  • Formula build functionality, including improved automated performance calculations and product commercialization support
  • Website/data integration to push formulations to the customer website


The new Formulation Builder improved the organization and testing procedures for hundreds of formulas. The new tool also delivers larger time savings and an easier work flow for the company’s chemists.

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