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Developing the right creative attracts distributors


Flexco, a leading manufacturer of products and solutions used to improve conveyor belt productivity, engaged Movéo to launch its Partners Plus initiative. Flexco wanted to recruit upper tier, well-positioned distributors. The company planned to provide specialized training and elite certification for this select group, improving incremental revenue.

Insight & Strategy

Movèo developed an integrated marketing plan that laid the groundwork for communication efforts to support Partners Plus. In the short term, Movèo targeted a larger group of distributors with incentives to join the program. In the long term, Movèo created awareness, interest and preference among end-users for distributors who held this special designation.

Communication pieces for prospective and existing customers
Communication pieces for prospective and existing customers
Partners Plus recruitment materials for distributors
Partners Plus recruitment materials for distributors


Movèo worked to create an aura of prestige around the Partners Plus program through:

Recruitment materials: feature both “hard” (fact-based) and “soft” (emotive/aspirational) reasons why distributors should want to be part of this select group

Communications tool kit: key for distributors to use to promote their value and leverage their status as elite service providers to potential customers

End-user communication campaign: promote the benefits and importance of working with a certified distributor, as well as educate on the Partners Plus program


Flexco considers the outcomes of the new campaign as a “win-win:”

  • 14 new distributors to the Partners Plus program
  • 20 additional distributors working towards certification
  • Training and marketing support translating to improved incremental revenue for distributors
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