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Lowering acquisition costs for triple-digit ROI


CareerBuilder.com is the nation’s largest online job site, hooking up millions of job-seeking visitors with employer posted jobs. CareerBuilder wanted to enable more of its small business employers to post jobs in a self-service manner, allowing the company’s sales force to focus on larger deal sizes.

Insight & Strategy

With any e-enabled solution efficiency is the “name of the game.” For Careerbuilder, we knew we had to come up with a method for delivering a sufficient volume of impressions that was going to convert to a predetermined number of job postings. We used strict media evaluation criteria to determine the most effective way to build scale without tipping the cost-benefit scales out of favor.

Integrated Campaign
Integrated Campaign
Landing Page
Landing Page


Movéo rolled-out an online campaign to effectively communicate a sense of urgency for posting job ads. The media plan leveraged properties that had a high composition of the target audience that also delivered a loyal audience (“first read” status). It also focused on niche sites that provided information that was important to the target audience (“frame-of-mind” message delivery). The program balanced these contextual placements with performance-driven media to efficiently deliver traffic at volume.


By continually monitoring and optimizing — on a daily basis — the performance of both creative and media placements, Movéo was able to drastically lower CareerBuilder’s cost-per-customer-acquired online. ROI at the end of the initial 13-week effort was 738%.


return on investment after 13 weeks

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