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Why clients come to us

While every organization we work with is different, many find common ground in their reasons for engaging us. Typically, they are trying to overcome one or more of these challenges:

Insight challenges

  • Revenues have flattened, but they don’t know why
  • They’re losing customers, but they don’t know whom
  • They’re entering a new market, but they don’t understand the landscape
  • Their brand has become less relevant, and they’re struggling to connect with their audiences
  • They have volumes of data, but do not know how to use it
  • They lack an understanding of the new customer journey, so touch points are not optimized
  • They seek a more intelligent, 360 degree view of the customer

Focus challenges

  • Their brand is organic — not driven by their organization’s vision or business strategy and developed without structure or rules
  • Their messages are ad hoc, or their value proposition is inconsistent
  • They go to market with a “bushel of benefits” rather than tailored messages, and they approach every target the same way
  • They’re reactionary in how and when they execute campaigns or initiatives
  • Their website is a series of “bolt-ons” and workarounds
  • They have silos that prevent them from delivering consistent communications to prospects and customers

Performance challenges

  • They approach every campaign as if it’s their first
  • They launch campaigns without establishing clear objectives and KPIs
  • They are having trouble generating high quality leads
  • They drive towards opt-ins without having a plan for how to nurture these relationships
  • They judge creative ideas subjectively without the voice of the customer in mind
  • They cannot prove marketing’s contribution to revenue in the c-suite

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Sound familiar? If your organization is faced with any of these challenges, we can help.