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To B2B or not to B2B, that is the question (here is the answer)

Any marketing textbook will tell you how B2B marketing is different than B2C marketing. Rational buying motives, multiple buying influences, technically qualified buyers, etc. While true, these differences tend to diminish the fact that each business buyer is also a consumer at heart (and head).

For example, rational buying motives, while important, can often be subplanted by more basic instincts (minimizing risk, for example). Changes in work/life balance can impact when, where and how messages are received. And, like everyone one else, a business person’s intents and behaviors in the digital sphere are no longer opaque.

Labels like “B2B” and “B2C” while handy, are hardly precise. We now live in a business-to-human world, and successfully generating demand in it requires new skills, ones that Moveo has honed:

Knowing what makes them tick

Identifying accounts, job titles, or even buying personas is great. But what you really need to know is what keeps these people up at night or what will earn them that next promotion. These are primal motivators and the key to grabbing attention.

Knowing what makes them notice

Great content fuels demand generation, but “great” is a moving target. It used to mean putting out a white paper written to appeal to the most prospects. Now relevancy is king, with personalization next in line to the throne.

Knowing what works

Failure to measure pipeline and revenue contribution from marketing is no longer an option. Yes, it’s difficult — requiring data hygiene, intensive cooperation with sales and a growing tech stack. But in the end, it makes marketing stronger, and ultimately, self-funding.