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Bridge an awareness gap among primary care physicians

A prominent health care provider identified a significant gap in the understanding and treatment of refractory epilepsy, a condition in which patients do not respond to standard anti-epileptic drugs. Many primary care physicians were simply not up to date on the latest standards of care for refractory epilepsy. This lack of awareness led to under referral and hindered patient access to advanced diagnostic and therapeutic options available at the provider’s specialized centers.


Targeted Physician Content Marketing Campaign

Educational webinar led by the system’s leading neurologists discussing recent advancements in epilepsy treatment, focusing on refractory cases. The webinar was promoted through LinkedIn sponsored posts.

Evidence-Based Guidelines and Content: Movéo developed and distributed concise, easy-to-scan one-page clinical guidelines and infographics on the identification and referral of refractory epilepsy cases.

Dedicated Support: Movéo promoted direct methods for primary care physicians to consult with Level-4 accredited neurology specialists for advice on managing complex epilepsy cases.


Significant brand lift and enhanced lead generation across therapeutic campaigns

Increased Referrals: Within the first year of the campaign, the health care provider saw an increase in referrals to their neurology service line for epilepsy, particularly in refractory cases.

Strengthened Relationships: The campaign helped in building stronger collaborations between the health care provider and the primary care physicians, enhancing overall patient care coordination.

Improved Patient Health Outcomes: Although not empirically quantified, earlier and more accurate referrals were likely to have contributed to improved management and treatment outcomes for patients.

Increased Referrals

Stronger PCP Relationships

Better Health Outcomes