cardinal health

Driving qualified leads with a dynamic decision tool.


Medical product and service provider Cardinal Health engaged Movéo to help develop a new way to generate more qualified leads while simultaneously helping customers easily find the right medical solutions.

Insight & Strategy

Movéo developed a digital Decision Support Tool that would help customers find Cardinal Health solutions that meet their needs by narrowing down options based on customer-generated “pain points.” The tool captured customer information to generate qualified leads and increase exposure to the solutions portfolio, along with presenting customers value-added content based on their inputs, such as white papers and case studies.


The tool featured three “layers” for each step in the process:

Cardinal Health solution: Customers worked through different questions choosing focus areas, root concerns, and qualifiers before revealing a relevant solution. Customers then received a personalized full assessment.

Lead generation: Information including name, title, facility, email, and phone number, is collected from customers and funneled to the sales team.

Education: Relevant information, stats, and facts are shown to customers in order to motivate them to submit more information and reiterate other positive outcomes from Cardinal Health.



Cardinal Health hailed the Decision Support Tool as one of the more innovative assets in its sales arsenal. The company also uses the decision tool for onboarding and training of new members of the sales force, in addition to sales people using it as a conversation starter for potential customers.