The 15 questions to ask about data and branding at your organization


This month, we’ve looked at a variety of data and branding topics, from the role of data in rebranding to the best ways to quantify brand performance. Now, we’re sharing 15 questions you can use to dig deeper into the relationship between data and branding in your own work. Use these questions to spark discussion with your team and generate ideas for how you can strengthen your branding efforts with data.

Using quantitative data

1. Does your research include data from the customer’s entire experience with your brand — from exposure, to purchase, to use?

2. Do you collect data from web analytics, marketing automation tools and your CRM?

3. Are you using KPIs such as unique visits, sessions, and pageviews to analyze reach?

4. Have recent changes in client retention influenced brand performance and ROI?

5. Are you using a multi-touch attribution model to quantify leads’ interactions with your brand throughout the marketing cycle?

Using qualitative data

1. What has your competitive analysis revealed about your competitors’ brands that could be helpful for your own?  

2. What actionable insights do surveys reveal about your target market’s opinion of your brand?

3. Could ethnographic research reveal anything new about buyers’ attitudes towards your brand?

4. Which brand attributes are most important to your target market?

5. Are you doing everything you can to get to know your customers as individuals instead of datasets?

Brand crises and rebrands

1. How could your brand use data to prepare for and respond to a brand crisis while maintaining its unique voice and personality?

2. What sort of metrics will you track in order to identify the early stages of a brand crisis?

3. Have you conducted a “three-gap analysis” among your organization’s customers, leadership and employees?  

4. What does recent quantitative and qualitative research indicate about the strength of your brand in the minds of your customers?  

5. Does recent data indicate that your greatest brand weaknesses are operational or perceptual?

After answering these questions, you should have a better idea of how to plan and execute on your branding and rebranding efforts. Then, you can turn your focus to strengthening your brand further through content marketing. For more on how to create content that promotes your brand, check out “Is your new content asset brand aligned?

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