Study: Demand Generation Will Increase in 2019

There’s a lot a good information in the 2019 demand generation benchmark study released by Demand Generation Report.

The headline is that larger chunks of marketing budgets are now being allocated to demand generation to support the continued goal of revenue growth:

  • 71% of those surveyed said their demand generation budget will increase in 2019, and almost half of those said it will increase by 20% or more
  • 97% are projecting their total revenue growth will increase this year, and more than one-fifth of those said it would increase by more than 30%

Movéo insight

Companies are employing the usual suspects to generate top-of-funnel demand, including in-person events (76%), lead nurturing campaigns (58%) and webinars (58%). One tactic that was up 24% over the previous year and considered a successful tactic by 30% of respondents — content syndication. This makes sense because, when well executed, syndication is a cost-effective way to create more opportunities for demand from new places.