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West Coast Academic Medical Center – Framework


A renowned, nationally-ranked academic medical and research health system based in the Los Angeles area and inclusive of two acute care hospitals, more than 40 outpatient facilities and a medical group practice.


The organization was reaching the end of a successful rebranding campaign (which Movéo also supported) following a major gift and name change. Research showed that the system experienced higher brand awareness after the campaign: significantly more people could identify the name and connect it to the new tagline. However, the organization wasn’t ready to make a future-forward shift in marketing planning; it was also burdened by siloed internal teams and hadn’t fully leveraged its data resources. It was time to transform its integrated marketing communications process to move beyond brand awareness.


Movéo began by first partnering with the Department of Strategy & Planning to determine which of the organization’s service lines were most profitable — and which areas within those programs were revenue leaders — by conducting financial profitability mapping using an algorithm scoring model based on inpatient volume, market share, total margin, wait time and other factors. This data was then supplemented with competitor audits and in-depth interviews of department chairs about their strategic goals.

Insight & Solution

With a clear, data-backed picture of financial priorities, Movéo took a two-prong approach to effectively move the organization beyond brand awareness. First we developed a custom strategic tactical framework that encompassed all marketing goals, from awareness through retention. We then audited and plotted all current tactics against this framework, which validated a key insight we had: most of the organization’s marketing tactics were rooted in awareness building rather than growing volume and converting patients to usage.

Second, we conducted a rigorous two-day workshop that brought internal cross-functional marketing teams together to re-engineer their approach to tactical planning. The workshop established consensus on tactical purpose, aligned tactics to strategy, and identified opportunities focusing on moving prospects through the funnel to purchase and retention. It also focused on generating retention-building strategies with existing patients.


The strategic tactical framework and workshop informed implementation of a streamlined, visual marketing communications planning tool. The tool included brand goals and tactics focused solely on the top-funnel broad awareness as well as service lines tightly aligned with bottom-funnel marketing activity such as engagement, nurture, and retention. More robust tactics were deployed as a result, including rich media programmatic ads, interactive SMS solutions and sophisticated segmentation and nurture campaigns that engaged consumers in a way that had not been done before.


The framework became a model for planning within the organization to drive bottom-line growth and opened up communication and collaboration between service line leaders. A metrics strategy framework aligned to awareness, interest, preference and usage is being implemented across service lines to monitor quarterly performance.

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