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Generating qualified leads worth $150 million


Sparton Corporation is a $400M provider of electronic components and design, engineering, and contract manufacturing services. The company was looking for marketing to add to its growing sales pipeline through a lead generation program. It hired Movéo to get this initiative up and running.

Insight & Strategy

Unlike many other companies involved in contract electronic manufacturing, Sparton had a true point of differentiation. The company specialized in manufacturing low volume, but complex products in industries that were under high scrutiny by regulators (e.g., medical and military/aerospace). We believed this focus on complexity could be a true competitive advantage.

From the Movéo Blog:

Why your marketing must nurture leads

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Movéo translated Sparton’s business model into a campaign theme – Conquering Complexity. We then refreshed important brand assets, such as the Sparton website, and also created new ones that could be used for lead generation purposes (e.g., a series of white papers). These assets aligned with the needs of the company’s customers – achieving regulatory compliance or solving tricky design and manufacturing issues, for example – and delivered messages on how Sparton could meet them.


Today, prospects educate themselves as they begin their buying journey. With the right program in place, marketing can deliver more educated and qualified leads to sales. Movéo worked with Sparton to assign a ranking, or score, to each contact the program generated based on their level of interest and activity. Over a three-year period, Movéo drove 7,409 leads, a percentage of which turned “hot” – with scopes being sent out or actual sales resulting. These vetted leads generated $152 million in sales opportunities. “Warm” leads with lesser scores were put on a nurture track, where additional outreach content was used to stimulate future interest. The close rate on nurtured leads was 144% higher.

  • 7,409 vetted leads generated over a three year period
  • $152 million qualified sales opportunities
  • 144% higher close rate on nurtured marketing sales wins
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