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Measuring marketing’s true performance


Molex, a $3.5-billion world leader in electrical interconnect and electronics solutions, was looking to align/standardize their analytics process and reporting across all five areas within their global marketing groups: Marketing communications; marketing operations; web; marketing automation; sales.

In the past analytics reporting on marketing performance across the group had been ad hoc and siloed.

Insight & Strategy

Movéo met with Molex’s marketing leadership and identified three top challenges to accomplishing the objective:

  • Defining Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  •  Accessing data from multiple data sources (e.g., operational systems, spreadsheets, etc.)
  • Tailoring different ways to view data by role, region, and industry segment

We believed through the use of analytics dashboards, Molex could cut through data clutter and get to the essentials of marketing performance.

From the Movéo Blog:

The 15 questions to ask about data and branding at your organization

Website Traffic Measurement
Website Traffic Measurement
Industry-Level Monitoring
Industry-Level Monitoring
Online and offline campaigns
Online and offline campaigns


Utilizing over ten data sources, Movéo constructed a series of dashboards that helped all stakeholders view performance information in a visually organized format aligned around customized objectives. Each stakeholder was responsible for evaluating their KPIs, but — for first time — the data would also be shared among stakeholders so that “cross pollination” of analysis could occur. Quarterly meetings were held with the stakeholders, marketing management and Movéo to determine insights and action items — e.g., deeper dives into indicators that were out of tolerance, additional optimization recommendations and even larger shifts in strategy.


Our dashboard solution enabled:

  • Alignment of analytics process and KPIs across the five groups within marketing
  • Better, smarter and faster marketing decisions
  • Buy-in on what success looks like — all KPIs agreed upon up front
  • Measurement of the same things over time so that trends could be tracked

In short, Movéo’s work provided the data consistency, accessibility and accuracy necessary to quantify marketing’s contribution.


Movéo’s analytics work inspired our team to dig. Every time we’d look at the data we’d want to go find even more answers...more insights.
- Brian Krause, VP Marketing and Communications
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