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Reaching a critical healthcare influencer


Abbott, a $40 billion dollar pharmaceuticals and healthcare products company, created a program designed to globally promote the laboratory medicine profession — Labs Are Vital. Abbott engaged Movéo to develop a new mission for this program that would keep it “vital” in the years ahead.

Insight & Strategy

Movéo executed an extensive discovery process that included qualitative interviews with laboratorians and other healthcare professionals around the globe. Our research showed that while labs were considered something of a “back room function” at hospitals, their findings influenced as much as 60-70% of health care decision-making. It was clear that Labs Are Vital needed to move out of the basement and into the boardroom.

From the Movéo Blog:

Building brand architecture to support a growing brand

Trade Show
Trade Show
Web Design
Web Design
Expert Panel Video
Expert Panel Video


We proposed expanding the program’s scope to spotlight the lab’s role in evidence-based medicine. With an equal seat at the table, the lab’s profound effect on diagnosis and patient outcomes would be recognized by other stakeholders, both clinical and economic. We helped the company launch  the new Labs Are Vital at the IFCC conference held in Berlin, Germany via a series of integrated touch points including a new website, a video featuring a panel of thought leaders discussing the mission, an online campaign and collateral.


Our strategy breathed new life into an old program, and a market survey we conducted in eight countries validated that Labs Are Vital’s new mission would resonate with all audiences on a global scale. Movéo invests significant time and effort in developing and renewing a knowledge base that offers unique insights to our healthcare clients. As this case study shows, we are valued for our ability to have impact from both a strategy and execution standpoint.


66% of laboratory professionals, physicians and hospital administrators queried found the new Labs Are Vital mission relevant.

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