Your brand + local search

Integrated branding requires delivering a consistent message across all marketing channels. An incomplete local listing (think Google Maps, Yelp, Yahoo Local, Yellow Pages, etc.) not only decreases your visibility in search results, but it sends a less than satisfactory message to users about your brand. And sometimes the listings are inaccurate.

I can speak from experience. One of my clients – through no fault of their own – had an incorrect address in infoUSA’s database. It so happens that infoUSA supplies data to many Online players, so the incorrect address was listed all over the Internet. After a friendly chat with infoUSA, we were able to correct the problem, which in turn updated the listings of everyone they supply data to.

Users expect to see complete and accurate listings when they are searching. If any information is missing, they may not be able to contact you. And even if they find another way, you’ve provided a difficult user experience for them. To combat this, make sure to check your listings in all major directories. If you don’t have a listing, create one. If you do, make sure the listing is complete and consistent with the format of other listings.

This can be a tedious task as you’ll likely have to create an account on each Site, but is well worth the time. Here is a list of local directories to get started:

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